YMMV / Striking Distance

  • Complete Monster: Jimmy Detillo is accused of excessive force on a suspect by the heroic honest cop Tom Hardy. Jimmy seemingly kills himself, but it is revealed that he fakes his death to cover up the fact that Jimmy was the Serial Killer dubbed "The Polish Hill Strangler," who has been murdering young women by throttling them with a rope. To get revenge on Hardy, Detillo begins murdering any woman he's had a relationship with in the past and does his best to frame Hardy for the murder. At the end, Jimmy kidnaps Tom, his current girlfriend and Jimmy's own cousin with intent to murder them all. When Jimmy's father, the police chief, interferes and tries to stop Jimmy, Jimmy guns him down without a second thought before trying to kill the others again.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Bruce Willis plays a character named Tom Hardy in this film. Seventeen years later, actor Tom Hardy would shoot the film Warrior in Pittsburgh (where this takes place).
  • Nightmare Fuel: Paula's abduction. From the minute she leaves work when she gets the creepy sensation someone's watching/following her, right until she's attacked as she tries to get into her car. It's already a frightening scene, but the fact that literally every woman who's ever left her job/home late at night has experienced the same apprehension makes it even more so.
  • Tearjerker: Tom's reaction to his father's death, Jimmy' s suicide, and Kim Lee's murder can evoke this.