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YMMV: Strife
  • Demonic Spiders: Crusaders, giant robots with triple rocket launchers and flamethrowers for close range. They take a lot of hits to kill, and their shots travel very fast, but what puts them in Demonic Spider territory is that they don't telegraph their attacks. All shots are fired near instantaneously, giving you very little time to get out of the way.
  • Disappointing Last Level : The first 5/6ths of the game are a good balance between combat, exploration, and character interaction/story advancement. Despite being a Doom engine game, it's all very RPG-like. Once you reach the Loremaster's factory, however, the game pretty much turns into a couple hours of straight Doom-style combat through several levels of identical corridors, leading up to the final battle. You can skip the Loremaster's factory based on the choice you make at the decisive point in the game, but you end up with the less good ending as a result.

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