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* ''YMMV/StreetFighter''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterI''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterII''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterTheMovie''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterAlpha''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterIII''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterEX''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterIV''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterV''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterIITheAnimatedMovie''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterAlphaTheAnimation''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterAlphaGenerations''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterIIV''
* ''YMMV/StreetFighterIVTheTiesThatBind''
* ''[[YMMV/StreetFighterAssassinsFist Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist]]''
* DorkAge: There are many series that can benefit from going for a more realistic/DarkerAndEdgier approach. ''Street Fighter'' is not one of them.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Balrog. See HamAndCheese below as to why.
* FightSceneFailure: If you want a taste of what to expect (which is a lot), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjtfeq1t1Rc watch this.]]
* HamAndCheese: Creator/MichaelClarkeDuncan as the gleefully evil Balrog. It's been said that, as a longtime fan, even he thought the script was ridiculous and decided he might as well just have fun with it.
** Chris Klein is a close second on the heroic side.
* HilariousInHindsight: Complaints about Bison having blonde hair suddenly became this as of ''VideoGame/StreetFighterV'', where [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epPou9RzeKM Bison's announcement]] came with him sporting a head of bleached blonde hair. (Well, close. He's actually [[EvilOldFolks graying from age]].)
* [[HoYay Les Yay]]: Not even subtextual.
* {{Narm}}: The movie as a whole has its moments, but one particular example can be found in Chun-Li's soliloquizing about "losing herself in the crowd" of Hong Kong... while wearing gaudy go-go boots that hadn't been in casual style in... ever.
* TookTheBadFilmSeriously: Everyone but Michael Clarke Duncan and Chris Klein, it seems.
* UnfortunateImplications: Going by the flashbacks, Chun-Li becomes LESS Asian the older she gets.
* VideoGameMoviesSuck
* VillainDecay:
** Vega is supposed to be the world's greatest assassin. But once he actually gets to fighting Chun-Li, the fight lasts exactly one minute from opening blow to closing taunt.
** Two mooks dealing with an enraged Chun-Li minutes later last almost half as long.
* WTHCastingAgency: Seriously, ''[[Music/TheBlackEyedPeas Taboo]]'' as Vega?
** Also, Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li and Neal [=McDonough=] as M. Bison.
* WTHCostumingDepartment: A blond M. Bison in a three-piece suit. Um, guys? You do know [[VideoGame/FatalFury Geese Howard]] is a different character, right? [[note]]And not even the same ''[[Creator/{{SNK}} company]]''.[[/note]]