YMMV / Stray Dog


  • Complete Monster: The scientist-magician Valruda mass produces "military dogs", by combining the DNA of peopleŚrumored to kidnap orphans for this purposeŚand dogs, condemning them to unquestioningly serve whoever makes a pact with them. Selling the dogs throughout the nation, they are generally used for war, as bodyguards or just slave labor, Valruda puts thousands through unending suffering. Throwing out Fultac after deeming him a failed experiment, Valruda is shown dumping him in a sewer littered with the drowned corpses of other dogs he deemed failures, seeing his creations as nothing more than his own artwork to do with as he pleases.
  • Nightmare Fuel / Nausea Fuel: This being made by Hiromu Arakawa, there are scenes in labs involving images of flesh, organs, mutilations and whatever other horrible stuff that there are on experimentation on humans.