YMMV / Strange Aeons

  • Jerkass Woobie: Arron may have had the best of intentions when uploading his videos of Nick to the channel, but maybe he should have gotten consent from Nick before showing his most private and vulnerable moments to the world.
    • And it's unlikely that a psychologist would use the videos anyway if Nick were to seek help. If Arron couldn't see the clips where Slendy appears, how would the psychologist know if the videos were edited or not?
  • Narm: Nick's... deep thought in "Compilation".
    Nick: Well, there are some people who don't like to enjoy things.
  • Paranoia Fuel: As we saw in "seeing me again", the guy in the jumpsuit was watching the whole time as Nick and Arron filmed their first vlog.
  • The Woobie: Arron is this in spades. He takes in his friend, only for him to become distant and hostile. Then he tries to get him to seek help, so he runs away. And THEN there are videos posted to his account showing that whatever was watching Nick has affected at least one more person. He hasn't heard from Nick in a month.
    • Nick is this as well. His parents are suddenly taken away from him in a car crash, stuck in the hospital. The his friend has him start a vlog and pretty much makes him reveal his issues to the world. Lord knows what else was going on in his mind, as we saw in "Addendum".