YMMV / Storm

  • Creator's Pet: Chris Claremont really, really, really likes Storm. Not that this is necessarily bad. Just that it's incredibly noticeable.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: She's one of the most prominent and popular black superheroes of all time, and Marvel's most prominent female superhero.
  • Escapist Character: One of the most overtly escapist in the entire X-Men mythos. She has won the Superpower Lottery, a fact which makes her one of the most powerful members of the team. She is also worshipped as a goddess, has incredible skills in both unarmed combat and thieving, and is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. She keeps attracting lovers and even some of her enemies want her.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Her and Logan. Fans of the pairing cite that Opposites Attract, and that her reserve and idealism would balance out his Anti-Hero tendencies, while his more earthy, passionate nature would keep her stable and grounded.
    • Ascended Fanon: One What If? issue had the X-Men long since trapped on another planet where Logan and she have a child.
  • Les Yay: With Callisto, her rival for leadership of the Morlocks, and Yukio, a Japanese thief.
  • My Real Daddy: Len Wein and Dave Cockrum created Storm, but it was Chris Claremont who developed the character.
  • Pandering to the Base: With the much hyped post-Avengers vs. X-Men merger featuring more X-Men characters joining various The Avengers team, the reason given for the dissolution of the Black Panther - Storm marriage (not being able to feature the two characters in the same book) came off as False Dichotomy. Fans have emerged on both sides of the issue some vocal ones that never warmed to the relationship favoring the break and others that feel the relationship never got the chance to be handled properly.
    • The fact that one of the first things she does after breaking up with Black Panther is sleep with Wolverine really doesn't help things.
  • Theme Pairing: Thor / Storm has a substantial following due to the fact that both of them are associated with weather. Image like this just encourages comments like "Bring on the biracial thunder babies".