YMMV / Stephenie Meyer

  • Deader Than Disco: The sharp decline in Twilight's popularity alongside Meyer's non-Twilight work being considered flops have not been kind to her career aspirations. Many, including former fans, see her today as a one-note author, and that's the kindest summary. The trope page itself goes into greater detail.
  • Iron Woobie: Members of the hatedom towards her books have for some reason felt it necessary to attack her personally, and mind you the afore mentioned hatedom includes none other than (Stephen King) who has stated in no uncertain words that she can't write and Robert Pattinson whose career was essentially launched by starring in the Film of the Book, has stated that he thinks she's crazy and apparently attracted to him to a degree that makes him uncomfortable (needless to say there is zero evidence of her supposed "attraction"). The fans she does have are waning considerably in numbers and she suffered a Creator Breakdown when Midnight Sun was leaked onto the internet by someone she's close to. Has any of this made her shy away from the public eye: nope. She's rewritten the saga only now the characters are gender swapped.