YMMV: Stephanie McMahon

  • Foe Yay:
    • With Chris Jericho in the early 2000's. While a lot of the wrestlers mocked her, Jericho was obsessive about it to the point where fans were wondering when the two were just going to have planet-cracking hate-sex and get it over with. When you think about it, Jericho's hate for her made a lot of sense. He would always mock her for being easy for everyone except him.
    • With Trish Stratus. On the January 1, 2001, Raw, Stephanie told Trish that while she may have Vince wrapped around her finger, Trish's "big-breasted ways" would not work on her. Yes, Stephanie's message was that Trish couldn't manipulate her the way she manipulated men, but, doesn't this sound like a Suspiciously Specific Denial, as if simply saying "You can't manipulate me" wasn't enough?
    • With Sable. Stephanie randomly scrapped Sable's Les Yay program with Torrie Wilson so she could feud with Sable instead. See below under Writer on Board.
    • With Brie Bella. Stephanie's growing obsession with making Brie pay for humiliating her — by slapping her at Payback 2014 and then getting her arrested and charged with assault on live TV a month later — instantly turned to Foe Yay with Stephanie's line "I'm gonna make you my bitch," given what it means to make someone your bitch. Soon after that line, Stephanie starts screaming "YOU'RE MINE!!" at Brie, reinforcing the Foe Yay.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Has gotten a few in, as a nigh-unflappable heel with a habit of trolling the crowd and the wrestlers alike, a la her husband.
    • From her backstage segment with Alexander Rusev and Lana on the November 10, 2014, came perhaps the absolute greatest Trolling Creator moment in pro wrestling history:
      "There are no such things as politics in WWE."
    • Her Survivor Series 2014 Villainous Breakdown post-match. Amazing.
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • "Molly Holly has a big ass," anyone?
    • Stephanie's own weight was commented upon when she made her last few appearances prior to the Authority run. Of course, that's post-three children. Ah, wrestling. People on the Usenet newsgroup rec.sport.pro-wrestling had even been making jokes about her body well before she ever had kids. Of course, this was partially due to how unpopular she was in general. Before the HHH-Godfather match on the March 16, 2000 SmackDown!, the Godfather told Stephanie that there might be a place for her in the Ho Train, but it would be in the caboose. Stephanie now averts this, as these pictures demonstrate.
      • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: "Muffy," the evil fitness trainer character. See the WrestleCrap item on the Trivia page.
  • Hypocrite: Kayfabe, 1999. You want to get back at your father for almost sacrificing your mental stability and emotional well-being to a faux-demonic cult just so he could screw that damn uncontrollable redneck? Fine. You want to do this by getting together with someone else he detests, that actually turns you on to boot? Awesome. This person was actually one of the men carrying out your daddy's evil plans, selling out his friends to do so in the process, and the only reason your dad hates him now is because he and said friends got back together and became even more despicable assholes? Congratulations, Vince and Shane McMahon are actually the people with standards here.
    • Or, said "someone else" got in your ear, and manipulated you into going along.
      • Or, she's an idiot. (Yes, CM Punk later called her that, but it was for different reasons.)
  • Love to Hate: Well, she learned from one of the best.
  • Tear Jerker: The video tribute to Connor The Crusher - a little boy who died of cancer shortly after WrestleMania. The video is already a Tear Jerker on its own. But special mention goes to the way Stephanie's voice breaks as she says "they told us he didn't have much time left". And she abandons all composure after that and bawls as she talks about Connor. Made even more poignant when you realise that Stephanie is a mother herself.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • Since she was so hated that she failed as a Face against notorious Real Life Jerkass Bad Boss Eric Bischoff when they were dueling GMs. When WWE fans are siding with the guy who, as the boss of WCW, wanted to put WWE out of business, you stink at being a face. While Shane and even Vince can usually handle the "stern but fair" archetype plausibly, even as a Face, Steph often fluctuates as the Spoiled Brat/Mean Boss/Smug Snake. She was pretty much played off as an innocent victim during Randy Orton's feud with Triple H and the McMahons, despite the fact she had in part set it off due to turning into a Control Freak as GM for Raw, and trying to bully around the wrong superstars. Not to mention while she had very coldly turned on her brother for trying to compromise "her show" beforehand, she had nothing against him taking a solid beating for her to fix the mess she'd made. She fails to even gain the Love to Hate reputation as a heel, since divas rarely challenge her and doing so would usually be considered a Moral Event Horizon for most male wrestlers, often leaving her a Karma Houdini building up heat for a comeuppance that never arrives.
    • Another notable example is the Raw 1000 segment between Triple H, Stephanie, and Paul Heyman in 2012. Despite the fact that Hunter was challenging Brock Lesnar to come back and fight him at SummerSlam only for Heyman to refuse on Lesnar's behalf, that said challenge was in retribution for Brock breaking HHH's arm a few months ago, and that Heyman's main method of stalling in this segment was to call Steph and Hunter out as bad examples to their children, Hunter and Stephanie managed to come across as conniving to the point that they were booed in this segment. It didn't help matters much that Hunter repeatedly threatened Heyman, or that Stephanie insulted Heyman by declaring him a business failure and a parasite before physically attacking him in order to finally provoke him into giving Hunter the match. Lesnar coming out afterward to attack Triple H made him look like he was the cavalry, especially due to the two's milked 'chickenshit'-esque reaction of horror. As before, Steph leaves Hunter to take it from there and is absent from the rest of the entire feud.
    • Stephanie's tearful act on the 07/28/14 RAW. While turned out to be a Wounded Gazelle Gambit, it seems like the writers's intention was to get the audience to start feeling sorry for Stephanie, if only to make her actions at the end of the show pack more of a punch. However, the massive heat Stephanie gets meant that she got her zero sympathy from the audience, even with her looking pitiful and broken as she detailed how getting arrested has damaged her personal and professional life. You know you're a Hate Sink when you get a stadium of thousands of people cheering on how your innocent young children are hurt, shunned, and scarred for life.
  • Writer on Board: Obviously, literally, in her GM role on SmackDown!. However, given the mockery toward her body (see also under Gag Boobs on the main page and Hollywood Pudgy above), and the McMahons' habit of holding grudges and at times unsubtly retaliating via booking (e.g., the "Billionaire Ted's Wrasslin' Warroom" skits from early 1996 which mocked Ted Turner, WCW, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage), could the Molly Holly "big ass" garbage have been another example of this?
    • Torrie Wilson had 2 big Les Yay storylines in 2002-2003, first with Dawn Marie and second with Sable. As head of "Creative," how much of these were her own work? Much like Vince himself, it would be bizarrely fascinating to find out how much of her terrible booking is just due to the fact that no one can tell her, "No, this idea is stupid," and how much is her working through personal issues.