YMMV / Steel Battalion



  • Contested Sequel: Judging from the critical and gamer reactions. While the game allows more degree of nonlinearity and also higher production value compared to contemporary war games (for instance, the story and dialogue is above average, you can actually save your crewmates and there is two endings to the game, and the game is made by FromSoftware of Dark Souls fame), the poor Kinect integration (not only does it's inaccurate but you need to use it along with your controller), lack of option to switch to standard controller only makes controls a chore, and lack of post-release support dealt major blow to the reception of the game.
  • Player Punch: Every time your crewmate dies, their picture from the graduating class (that you are a part of) goes gray and a letter informing of their death is sent to their next of kin.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Kinect can sometimes be responsible for not allowing you to save them in time. And yes, it is the Kinect that dealt major blow to the game's ratings. Had it didn't use Kinect, it will be rated a decent at worst or above average at best.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: For some people regarding Kinect as the new controller.
    • Only a handful of professional reviewers have given the game a score of over 40 out of 100, making this trope a common consensus. (Mostly due to the fact that new controls can be very touchy).
    • To give you a good idea, X-Play gave it a half-star, it's first half-star, which equates around to a 0.5/5.
      • Critical Dissonance: Meanwhile, the Amazon reviews for the game (along with several other websites) seem to be a little more generous towards the game, some even calling it underappreciated and overcriticized (the fact that the story and characterization is above average and the game was made by FromSoftware).