YMMV / State of Fear

  • Anvilicious: If Crichton's other filibusters fly over your head, the ending's about as subtle as Man-Bear-Pig tackling you, in which the not very dead guy who appeared to be supporting the ELF more or less says "Focus on the third-world countries that are often the biggest offenders in polluting by tackling poverty, then you can work on climate change." Oh, he hates simulations, despite covering it with Jurassic Park. Simulations won't predict tsunamis ruining your shit or car crashes.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Climategate and glaciergate" (the famous revelations that the graphs popularly used to calculate and predict the effects of Global Warming were...miscalculated) are either 1) the first signs that the plot of the book is true, crumbling though a wall of lies, or 2) minor technical errors that were caught by the media rather than peer academics, depending on your preconceived notions. Rorschach Gates, if you will- what you see in them depends on the contents of your thoughts, rather than of the gate.
  • Science Marches On: One of the arguments against climate change in the book (that the upper atmosphere wasn't warming) got disproven less than a year after the book came out (the apparent lack of warming was due to a miscalibration of satellite data). Of course, most of the arguments in the book were already known to be false, even at the time.
    • Amusingly enough, "Climategate" revealed the computer models used to calculate the effects of climate change were miscalibrated again!
  • What an Idiot!: Peter Evens finds that his apartment has been broken in to and he himself has been bugged, then several people try to kill him in various ways, but he takes no precautions at all and returns to his apartment as if nothing happened. It's hardly surprising then the bad guys break in and try to assassinate him. Fortunately for Peter they use one of the most bizarre and ineffective means imaginable.