YMMV / Startopia

  • The Woobie: Implied with the Salt Hogs. For example, their inspirational statue took decades to finish, because the team who created it kept being ordered back to work constantly.
    • Then again, they can be quite nasty if pushed too far. VAL relates the story of one unfortunate station manager who failed to complete his contract with the Groulien Worker's Party. They inserted a carnivourous worm into one of his eyes. By the time the worm emerged from his big toe, it was several meters long.
      • In a later Call Back, Arona mentions that particular station manager ended up looking like a "2D copy of himself" implying the worm had eaten his entire endostructure and left only an empty skin.
      • There's also the Groulien festival of Chrimbas, in which a random selection of gifts and low-grade toxins are handed out to all youngsters. The toxins apparently aren't lethal, but still...