!!TV Series

* EstrogenBrigade: David Soul's swooning fanbase, who propelled him into a second, even more lucrative, career as a pop singer, with a long string of slushy romantic ballad hits to his name.
* HoYay: A Costco-sized bucket of it. If old-school slash fanfic writers weren't writing for Kirk and Spock, they were writing Starsky and Hutch. One of the show's distinguishing characteristics is the "close" friendship between Starsky and Hutch. Despite the fact that both characters are very much ladies men, viewers and critics were all but convinced they were gay. Dave and Paul's incredibly good working relationship probably didn't help matters. Of course, they completely LampShade this during outtakes by randomly making out with each other if one of them forgets or screws up a line.
** Outtake Narrator: "For years the boys struggled hard against their popular image as two French-kissing primetime homos."
** Lampshaded in "Death in a Different Place":
-->'''Hutch:''' Starsk, would you consider that a man who spends seventy-five percent of his time with another man has got certain tendencies?\\
'''Starsky:''' ...yeah, sure, why not? You mean that was the case between John and--\\
'''Hutch:''' No, no. That's the case between you and me.
** It may have been bleeding over from the actors. If these [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAifiPz6u5c outtakes]] are anything to go by, Paul Michael Glaser would try to lay a kiss on co-star David Soul at every opportunity.
* SeasonalRot: The general agreement is that each season is worse than the last, with the most dramatic dip in quality between the third and fourth seasons.
* {{The Woobie}}: ''Both'' of them qualify. In the first season alone, Starsky gets injected with a poison that kills in 24 hours, get's shot in a hostage situation, loses his ex-girlfriend, and watches as an ex-con starts killing cops in his name. Hutch doesn't get quite the same level, but he does get forcibly addicted to heroin by a drug kingpin. And that's just the first season of four!

* AngstWhatAngst: The hot blonde cheerleader played by Brande Roderick shows a hilarious lack of grief for the death of her criminal boyfriend. Then again, she was too busy taking her clothes off for everyone's benefit.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: A suspect's son is a FREAKING ninja.
-->'''Hutch:''' What the hell is that midget!?\\
'''Chau:''' That's no midget, that's my son!\\
'''Hutch:''' LIAR! ''(hits suspect with his gun)''
** In the interrogation room, when Chau tries to smoke, Starsky just takes the cigarette from his mouth and rubs it between his hands.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: Huggy Bear, as played by Music/SnoopDogg.
* HeReallyCanAct: Owen Wilson definitely ''can'' sing, as shown in the part where he serenades Holly and Stacey on guitar. It's quite adorable and memorable.
* HoYay: It wouldn't be faithful without adding a few batches of this in.
* MemeticMutation: "Do it!"
* OneSceneWonder: Two words- "Two Dragons".
* SignatureScene:
** Hutch singing "Don't Give Up On Us", which also pays homage to David Soul, the original Hutch from the series.
** The climatic car chase.