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YMMV: Starship
  • Crazy Awesome: Taz and Up, at the very least, given their actors.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Status Quo", "Kick It Up a Notch", "Beauty". It would be easier to list the songs that weren't CMOA.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Junior. Not surprising seeing as he's Brian freaking Holden!
  • Ear Worm: Every. Single. Song. They will get in there and refuse to leave. Appropriate, considering the play takes place on Bug-World.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: On the main and character pages, just about any character who isn't Bug has been described as this. The variation is up to personal taste. If you found Tootsie Noodles way funnier than Taz or Up, then he's YOUR Ensemble Darkhorse. Nuff said.
    • You could say, this Darkhorse is an entire Ensemble! Ba-Dum-Tish!
  • Esoteric Happy Ending
    • You've got to wonder what Junior's father and the rest of his evil corporation will do when they find out what happened...
    • How long do bugs live? The one advisor guy was talking about his "six long days" of life. So Bug and February get at most what, a week together? Though it's possible that days on Bug Planet are much longer than days on earth.
    • And Megagirl and Tootsie? She's still a robot, unable to age, etc. Lord knows what will happen when Tootsie dies as well.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Junior. Who knew a pot-smoking, pink-sunglasses wearing space ranger called Junior could be so sexy?
  • Fridge Brilliance
    • Early on in the the play, it's established that Up was a former Badass commander, but after the robot war and a mysterious injury, he was reduced to a softie who hated killing. In other words, he had "lost his balls". The "injury" resulted in Up having his balls cut off. That's right. The man literally has no balls.
    • Early on, Tootsie Noodles says that a horse ate his cousin. Later on, he talks about how he had a flirtatious relationship with a stack of hay... and the stack of hay was his cousin.
    • When Up lost his balls, who's to say he didn't lose something else? Making his fear about the rumors being about him peeing sitting down perfectly justified.
    • Up and February's trouble with pronouncing basic scientific terms actually takes on a new light when you realise that Specs, resident geek, also does this. This could point to the English language having actually changed in small ways by this point in the future.
    • The way Bug controls the Ranger's body remotely is similar to the way a puppeteer controls a puppet. Rather ironic, considering that Bug is played by a puppet whose puppeteer also plays Bug's human body.
  • Fridge Horror: It's been established that Pincer lied to Bug about a lot of stuff. Who's to say he was telling the truth when he said that the Starship Ranger in the cryotube was braindead?
    • However, when Pincer uses the brain leech on Junior, he doesn't take over his body, it just allows them to communicate. If the Ranger wasn't braindead, the same would probably happen with him and Bug.
  • Ho Yay: Captain Up and Bug. Bug and Roach.
  • Most Annoying Sound: February's voice.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Dr. Spaceclaw and Junior's new mom.
  • The Scrappy: February. The comments are filled with people saying how Bug deserves better then a self-centered, annoying, hysterical, incompetent, Valley Girl stereotype. Poe's Law may or may not be in effect.
  • Ugly Cute: Most of the bugs.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Did anyone think Specs was a guy at first? The fact that "Team StarKid (STOP REVERTING THIS)" uses lots of Cross Casting and that Julia Albain had the same wig and glasses she wore as Percy in A Very Potter Sequel didn't help.
  • The Woobie: Roach, Bug, Up, and especially Tootsie and Bugette. Perhaps even February.

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