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YMMV: Stardoc
  • Anvilicious: The Hawk/Qonja pairing subplot in Plague of Memory.
  • Complete Monster: Joseph Grey Veil deliberately took advantage of Terran xenophobia to get anti-alien laws passed. He also endeavored to pass anti-cloning laws solely for his own gain. His intent was to do whatever he wanted to innocent clones. Veil engages in a series of rapes with as many clones as he can, and deliberately infects them with syphilis just so he can see the results of the disease on the Designer Babies he fathers.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • Duncan rapes Cherijo in the first book—although he insists that it's actually seduction—in order to prevent a sentient microorganism from killing her. Not only does she quickly forgive him and end up falling for him anyway, but he's allowed various karmic outs for it.
    • Ktarka Zamlon Torin, in between attempts to get revenge on her adopted clan, is making passes at Cherijo. This is apparently nearly as shocking as the murders she's committed and those she's planning on committing.

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