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YMMV / Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

  • Arc Fatigue: So you were expecting to experience the Battle of Naboo from the Gungans' perspective, and fight the battle droids straight away? Well, guess what: You'll have to complete three Old Republic-era missions set around Boss Nass' ancestor, Gallo, and the War of the Gungan Tribes first. The Gungan campaign has six missions, plus a seventh non-canon bonus mission. That means that half of the campaign is dedicated to this relatively unrelated war. It doesn't help that the hero that the campaign is named for is Boss Nass and not Gallo.
  • Demonic Spiders: The bursas from the Gungans campaign. They are very fast, can tear down a building in mere seconds, and are just as deadly in combat.
  • Half Way Plot Switch
    • Basic Training Campaign: Colonize Alaris Prime and train a militia to destroy an infestation of Gundarks—> Eliminate the Trade Federation presence on that moon.
    • Gungans Campaign: Boss Gallo and Captain Marsune vs. Boss Rogoe in 3,000 BBY--> Boss Nass vs. Trade Federation forces in 32 BBY.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Wookiees are a playable faction, and this game was made before 2005.
  • Lethal Joke Character: The Gungans are an entire faction of this. Not only do their buildings repair automatically note , not only can they build prefab shelters underwater note , not only are their frigates stealthed note , not only are their medics able to heal more units than the medics of any other civilization, NOT ONLY DO THEIR TROOPERS HAVE GREATER RANGE THAN THOSE OF ANY OTHER CIVILIZATION note  but they have the most powerful Mechs and Heavy Weapons in the game, AND their elite unit is a mobile shield generator, thus giving their armies extra protection even inside enemy strongholds. A skilled Gungan player will make life hell for a non-Gungan enemy.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Many, as SWGB is fairly weak in the sound effects department. Notable ones include:
    • Selecting a group of Rebel tauntaun cavalry and having to listen to the same grunting.
    • The error sound you hear every time you do something wrong (like trying to build a building you don't have enough resources for, or hitting the "Idle Worker" button without actually having idling workers).
    • "GYAHAHAAAALLLLL!!!" (the obnoxiously loud and loudly obnoxious death screech of Naboo troopers)
  • No Kill Like Overkill: Units spawned by cheat codes tend to be excessively brutal. Simon the Killer Ewok is lightning fast, and has shields, regenerating health, and more firepower than a dozen repeater troopers. The Bongo Marauder is a boat unit with roughly the same stats and killing power. Clone Campaigns lets you summon a Victory-class Star Destroyer or a "Blockade Runner" Corellian Corvette, both of which can flatten forests and deal more damage than a regular air cruiser. But the king of excess is easily the Death Star, which is slower than a drunk bantha and has the longest reload interval in the game, but has max health and shields, and can wipe literally everything off the screen in one shot, even normally invulnerable resource crystals and the terrain of the map itself, leaving a featureless flat plain in its wake. You can also summon Decimators from the story mode, but they pale in comparison to the above units.
  • Recycled Script: Several missions in Galactic Battlegrounds resemble missions seen in the campaigns of Age of Empires II.
    • The Basic Training campaign is played out more or less the same as the William Wallace tutorial campaign. This is especially noticeable in the first, sixth, and seventh missions.
    • The second mission in the Gungan campaign has the player control a small group of soldiers that travels to different Gungan tribes with the intent to recruit them to join your cause, much like the first mission of the Genghis Khan campaign.