YMMV / Star Trek: The Fall

  • Ho Yay: The scenes with Garak and his good friend Parmak seem to fall somewhere between this and Hide Your Gays. Even when Parmek kisses him at the end, it's on the forehead and could be argued as platonic. Apparently, even in a book where a lesbian couple plays a significant minor role, we still can't confirm that Garak's affection for morally upright doctors who'll argue with him is anything more.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Many of Ishan Anjar and Galif jav Velk's points surrounding the arrest of Julian Bashir and the readmission of Andor into the Federation make a lot of sense. Bashir resigns his Starfleet commission and essentially renounces his Federation citizenship while handing classified material, that was acquired from Section 31 no less, over to a non-aligned nation. Yet Riker and others wonder why he's being treated as a spy and terrorist. Bashir also acts extremely arrogant about his decision, as if he is the only one who can make this kind of decision without approval from the Federation government. Velk even points out this sounds eerily similar to the arrogance of the genetically engineered supermen of the Eugenics Wars. But since the writers want the reader to sympathize with Bashir , they have him sent to space! Guantanamo Bay and reveal that Ishan and Velk are pure evil.