YMMV: Star Fox 1

  • Best Boss Ever: Despite it being incredibly annoying, the Slot Machine is perhaps the most memorable boss in the game.
  • Bizarro Episode: Sector Y? Odd. The Black Hole? Really weird. Out of this Dimension? No words can describe it.
  • Breather Boss: A few, a relief from the occasional That One Boss. The most notable is Professor Hangar, who, although having a ton of health, is an easy target, has easy to dodge attacks, and doesn't really move, kinda. Also, the Path 3 bosses can either be this, That One Boss, or Goddamned Boss, depending on how you play.
  • Goddamned Boss: Path 3 bosses have the potential to become this. The Great Commander's first fight, depending on your skill, can either become the most notable Goddamned Boss or the most notable That One Boss. The Slot Machine is not disputable. It's just that annoying.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The grinning asteroids in the hard version of the Asteroid Belt bear quite a resemblance to the modern Trollface meme. Said asteroids even troll you by swerving to hit you!
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Wing damage."
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "Wing repair."
  • Nightmare Fuel: The box art and posters featuring realistic anthropomorphic versions of the Star Fox team. Let's just say there's a good reason the team doesn't look like road kill in-game or anywhere else...
  • Older Than They Think: A lot of fans are still unaware there was a Star Fox before 64. And this game and story didn't have many of the things the series became known for later. No Great Fox. No ROB-64. No Star Wolf. No Krystal. And no Aquas, Area 6, Bolse, Fichina, Katina, Sauria, Solar or Zoness. But there was Papetoon and Fortuna.
  • That One Boss: On Path 1, Phantron after going One-Winged Angel. On Path 2, Plasma Hydra. Everyone has the potential on Path 3, but the Great Commander in particular stands out.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: While they may look dated in this day and age, the Super FX graphics were considered quite impressive back when the game first came out. Visually speaking, the game did not look like a first effort. Enemies animated, robots walked across the battlefield. There are even robots that abscond with buildings and the like; if you kill them, they drop what they're holding.
    • Special note should be given to the design of the Arwing itself. The in-game model is just 12 triangles, completely flat-shaded with no lighting. And yet, it maintains a clear and distinct silhouette, making it easily recognizable from other objects. It's clear that the Arwing was deliberately designed to look good with minimal triangles.
  • Uncanny Valley: Dear lord the characters look creepy in the artwork. Thank goodness Nintendo stuck with the cartoony designs in-game afterwards.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Falco loathes having to be helped by Fox, even if he really needs it.
    Falco: (after being saved) Mind your own business, Fox!

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Star Fox 1993