YMMV: St. Trinian's

  • Acceptable Ethnic Targets: Annabelle when she first sees the run-down, violent St. Trinians's:
    "It's like Hogwarts for Pikeys."
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The theme song for the 2007 movie. What an Ear Worm.
    • "If I can't dance, then I don't want any part of your revolution!" Thank you, Sophie Ellis Bextor.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Sir Piers Pomfrey, the main villain of St. Trinian's 2 who is pretty much the best part of the movie. For obvious reasons.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse / Evil Is Sexy: Pomfrey, again.
  • Fan Community Nickname: The Pomfrettes.
  • Les Yay: Just what is going on between Matron and Camilla Fritton? They do seem to be very close. It's Matron's hand that Camilla clings to when she's upset at Mr. Darcy's funeral. Matron is also seen walking along arm-in-arm with Miss Cleaver, the sports teacher.
    • There seems to be some of this between Miss Dickinson and Chelsea Harper during the scene where Miss Dickinson discovers the girls have been cheating at School Challenge. She tells Chelsea that she's been watching her with her feminine wiles and her "saucy ways", and reassures her that being smart is "very, very sexy". It does seem a little like she's attracted to Chelsea.
      • In one of the deleted scenes, Chelsea offers to try seducing the Cheltenham Ladies' College team in the School Challenge final; and when one of the other Posh Totties points out that "Cheltenham is a ladies' college, Chelsea!", her response is a shrug and declaring, "I don't mind giving it a try".
  • Magnificent Bastard: Does it need saying?