YMMV / Spotted Flower

  • Fanon: It's widely considered to be "Genshiken: the marriage AU" even though the characters haven't been explicitly touted as such.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Despite Genshiken taking huge amounts of time telling the audience that fujoshi can be able to separate reality from fiction that real-life shipping can be harmful to the people involved, some fans see the entire affair between The Husband and the mangaka as the opposite of this message, especially given that the mangaka's girlfriend doesn't care much beyond asking her not to do it again and a token worry about ruining a family, uses the experience for their next ero work, and they both gush about how hot it was for the Husband to be the uke.
  • Internet Backdraft: Oh, how the readers were filled with rage when the Husband has a one night stand with his kouhai. It's not just that simple act; it's the fact that it happened in his living room, with his child's crib right next to him as the deed is done, and this is happening right as the Wife is in the hospital due to childbirth. It's played for laughs because he ends up bottoming for her, but damn if they weren't mad anyway since the reason for the deed was unexcusable.
  • Periphery Demographic: A manga meant to be read by adult women (Josei) which happens to be a Spiritual Successor/Sequel to a famous manga with adult men (Seinen) as its target? Yes, there are men following this "girly" manga religiously.