YMMV / SportsCenter

  • Creator's Pet: Oh boy. Where do we start?
    • Tim Tebow is their favorite, followed closely by Tiger Woods.
      • LeBron James. An actual interview during a SportsCenter telecast during the 2014 NBA Finals: "LeBron's Yoga Instructor Live"
    • In terms of sports, football and basketball. Hockey is the Butt-Monkey of the network
    • ESPN is often criticized for covering teams with the most "drama" (some of which is engineered by the network themselves, making mountains out of the smallest molehills of "news") or simply the highest profile onesnote , even if the team is mired in mediocrity or worse. No matter their record, expect a lot of segments — even in their respective offseasons — dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Los Angeles Lakers, whatever team LeBron James is on, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox (with a big helping of Yankees vs. Red Sox every time they meet up during the season).
    • Mark Sanchez's Butt Fumble for the Not Top 10's Worst of the Worst. Whenever you saw something that could've dethroned the Butt Fumble, it was ineligible because it was ranked 2-10, while the #1 was something that was hardly or not even remotely funny. Eventually, the company did grow weary enough that it finally retired the Butt Fumble from the Not Top 10 on its own accord. (They eventually abolished the Worst of the Worst part of the segment around early 2016, but not for reasons relating to the Butt Fumble.)
  • Ear Worm: There's a reason why every athlete that makes a highlight-worthy play starts chanting "Da na na, da na na!" And now you've got the SC theme in your head.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment/Hilarious in Hindsight: One of the mid-90's This Is SportsCenter ads spoofed franchise relocations with SportsCenter being moved to Bristol, CT. The purported owner ended with "I'd have loved to stay in California, but those bastards in Sacramento low-balled me" - at the time both the Raiders and Rams had just left Los Angeles over stadium issues. Fast forward to 2011, and the Sacramento Kings (the only major pro team in the city) becamed swirled in rumor after rumor of relocation.
  • The Scrappy: SportsCenter's filler during dead spots in the sports season (such as summer, in which only baseball is in full swing) tends to be self-serving at times. The network was flooded with complaints and criticism following its 2007 summer segment "Who's Now?", in which fans voted on the most buzzworthy athlete in sports in a month-long bracket tournament, complete with analysts breaking down the matchups. Even on-host personalities will take a potshot at it every now and then, showing that the on-air talent also wasn't overly fond of it.