YMMV: Split Second

YMMV tropes for the Video Game Split Second:

  • Awesome Music:
    • The music that plays during Elite Races, when it reaches it's highest point, is easily classifiable as this. Especially if you are blazing ahead and leaving the so-called Elites eating your dust.
    • It's even better when the main riff kicks in and you manage to fight your way from the back of the pack to 1st place.
    • Also, the music that plays before and after the Elite Races - the former for sounding incredibly ominous, and the latter for sounding incredibly victorious and having a chorus back it. All this for a racing game, folks.
  • Fridge Logic: Look at the cars closely whenever you get the opportunity. They don't have any actual drivers. They must be remotely controlled, or the 'show' is a highly advanced virtual reality simulatio— I'll just stop there.
  • Ear Worm: While most of the music if ok, the Main theme, and its' variations are both Epic sounding and will get stuck in your head. The best examples are the version that plays over the intro cinimatic when you boot up the game, and the version Plays during the Elite races.
  • HSQ: "... was that a fucking cruise ship?"
    • "...is that a fucking plane!?"
    • "...did they just collapse two nuclear reactor cooling towers?!"
    • "...did they just blow up an entire dam?!"
    • "...was that a radar dish?"
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Pulling off a Level 2 Power Play and taking out nearly the entire grid in one blow.
    • Jumping over all other cars after a particularly long jump, staying on the lead while dodging falling cranes and cars set aflame like a lunatic, stylishly finishing off a stunned opponent by ramming him against some crates...
  • Narm: "We need bigger guns!"
  • So Okay, It's Average: The reception for the PSP port of the game. While it still retained the gameplay of it's HD counterparts as well as adding one more track, the graphical limitations of the engine definitely hurt the gameplay.
  • That One Level:
    • Storm Drain. Just Storm Drain. Only two laps and an absolute killer deathtrap sequence from passing through a long warehouse.
    • Who here claimed a gold on the Ryback Thunder Challenge without breaking a controller or two? Hell, who here played the Ryback Thunder Challenge without breaking a controller or two? Yeah, thought so.

YMMV tropes for the Game Show Split Second: