YMMV / Spider-Man 2 Enter: Electro

  • Broken Base: Some consider this game to be average. However, some others consider the game to be more colorful, such as there are slightly more outdoor levels which allow you more web-swinging. The game also offers some more puzzles than the first game.
  • Contested Sequel: It's not as well-known as the original game and seems to just be considered a decent sequel with a few gameplay improvements and innovations.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One of Spidey's quips is "I don't need pointy ears and a cape to figure out that this is probably another heist." So, how was Gotham, Spidey?
    • The second Spider-Man installment features Electro as the Big Bad. Are we talking about the video game or the the movie?
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Lizard. Everything about him. The boss fight with him is like something right out of one of the Alien movies. The only way to beat him is to mix a serum to weaken him so that your attacks can actually hurt him. While you're making the serum on the computer, you need to lock him out of whichever room you're in. Trouble is, while you're doing this, he's breaking into the room. So you could be unexpectedly taken away from the computer due to him attacking you. You're also not safe on the ceiling, either, because he can stick to it as well. Hell, even the cutscene before the fight is scary. But perhaps the worst thing of all is Stan Lee's description for him in the character viewer. He sounds like his normal dynamic self when describing everyone else, but his emotionless rundown of The Lizard is pretty disturbing:
    Stan Lee: The Lizard. Product of a twisted experiment...gone wrong.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Seems to be considered to be a decent Mission-Pack Sequel with some interesting features, but it doesn't have a story with the same scale or memorable characters as the first one.
  • That One Boss: Shocker. Practically the only way you can defeat him (unless you've been granted invincibility) is to drop one of the above boxes on his head before the fire consumes the place. And he doesn't. Stop. Shooting at you.
    • Hammerhead can also be this, depending upon your reflexes and mastering of the web-yank technique.
  • That One Level: "Wind Tunnel," hands down the hardest non-boss in the game. Spider-Man must blast away each (explosive) barrel in front of a moving plane with the pilot unconscious in the front seat. Through three rooms. And open the doors to each room. And web up both propellers and web-yank the plane's tail (depending on the difficulty). And the plane is still moving. Good luck if you have a short supply of webbing!
    • Rock of Ages can be this to some. You need to climb a (long) museum exhibit to get to electro, avoiding his attacks. The first attack is horizontal lines of electricity that every now and then pass through easily foreseen burnt sections. The problem is that it might ignore it's pattern to strike you. The second attack, where Electro strikes with lightning from above, is warned by spider-sense, and can be avoided by moving left or right. However, even if the player does move, the strike might hit Spidey anyway. Getting hit by either attack sents you back to the start 95% of the time. There are platforms to stand on, but most of the time Spidey falls over them.