YMMV / Spectreman

  • Anvilicious: The environmental message is very obvious in the first few episodes alone. They cut it out later on.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The English theme song. This also aired in other Western countries.
  • Ham and Cheese: At first the English dubbers seemed to be trying to do a fairly serious job, but in later episodes they seem to have just given up and run with the campiness of the rubber suit combat. Some prominent examples include:
    • One episode where Spectreman's human alter ego is distracting a giant lobster monster by tossing its egg around, and doing football play-by-play calls as he does. Eventually Nebula tells him "you've indulged yourself in your childish game long enough" and to stop messing around and transform already.
    • In the Comet Mask serial they dubbed him as an intergalactic gunslinger with a Texan accent and changed his name to "Lone Comet" because he wears a cowboy hat. The Monsters of the Week were dubbed as a group of space outlaws who wanted to get back at Spectreman for killing their pa.
  • Narm: The imposingly named King Satan's roar is a stock car brakes noise.