YMMV / Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea

  • Awesome Music: The opening and ending credits' song. Especially the refrain. Find a longer version without sound effects here.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The pirate song. Particularly true when it was just dropped into an episode which the pirates otherwise didn't appear in.
    • However the very concept of various historical eras more or less repeating or just happening bellow the surface of the earth with historical characters, in often very surreal environments, could be considered a very huge B.L.A.M., as it is never explained how Demosthenes can be alive or how underground cavern worlds have their own skies . This includes Galileo living inside a living crystal, on a floating island which is too small to sustain an actual population of any sort, yet it houses three blue skinned judges and an entire army of blue soldiers. Galileo is the only human-looking character.
      • The episode is notable as a whole, because the Judges simply state that the intrusion of the gang into the living crystal was so implausible that it simply never happened.
    • Particularly notable is the moment when a gigantic cigarette falls on Nasty Max... for no apparent reason other then to provide slapstick. note 
  • Ear Worm: This series was particularly obnoxious about this. In the first season, the pirates would always sing their theme song at the beginning of each episode even if they didn't appear in that episode. If they did appear in that episode, they would sing the whole thing again! In the second season, Bic and Bac would always sing their theme song in the middle of each episode, even if it had no relevance to whatever was going on at the moment.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series was pretty popular in Chile, the Latin-American country that handled the LA Spanish dub. Many, MANY Chilean kids of The '80s and The '90s remember it fondly.