YMMV / Space Thunder Kids

  • Bizarro Episode: All of it! Every single second!
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome/Crowning Moment of Funny:
    • At one point, somebody in the Dark Emperor's fleets is trying to call his master, and not only does it fail, but he's literally punched by the giant mecha outside of the ship. Not only did his ship get punched, but the pilot also. It's funnier than it sounds.
    • A ship is about to be attacked, and one of the people inside screams "look out!" and it shows him being flung back through the air, even though everyone else in the room is still standing in place, and the ship hasn't been attacked yet. I guess he just screamed so loud that it blasted him backwards.
    • The "derp" face one of the heroes make when confronting the Sark ripoff. (See So Bad It's Good).
  • Ho Yay: The evil general looks like he is on the verge of tears from a broken heart during the scene where he orders the execution of his green skinned colleague. War is hell indeed...
  • Macekre: Not that the source material was up to much (being quite often knockoffs of anime and other media) but at least they (presumably) were coherent and had discernable plots that made sense. This feature... err, doesn't.
  • Padding:
    • The tanks.
    • Just about every explosion, strike, and conversation are repeated several times in a row as if Joseph Lai was desperately trying to stretch out this mess to feature-length. At one point, for instance, a Dark Empire ship that is TOTALLY NOT the Yamato is shot, and goes up in a massive explosion... for twenty seconds straight.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The movie does have a couple of moments.
  • Uncanny Valley: The characters faces sometimes morph into weird, random expressions for no real reason. Although, it's more funny than it is unsettling. The above clip is a great example.