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YMMV: Space Quest
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: There's a very good argument that Roger is not as dumb as he looks on the aforementioned trope page.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The theme tune, which crops up in at least a dozen variants throughout the series.
    • The Skate-O-Rama theme will drive you mad haunting your brain. It's the perfect combination of catchy, repetitive, and really annoying.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Make Roger fall into Acid or Lava and get ready to change your pants.
    • The creepy appearance of the poor dudes in SQ4 with all that headgear could scare some people too.
    • The Body Horror caused by the Pukoid virus is V is as terrifying as it is Squicky. Pukoid Quirk in particular has a face that will give you horrible nightmares.
    • More Body Horror with Beatrice. Look at her in the cryochamber and leave. Repeat over and over. Squick!
  • That One Level: In Space Quest IV, the Skate-O-Rama scene where you have to escape the sequel police.
    • In Space Quest V, rescuing Cliffy with the EVA pod. Not only you need to locate him first, you must do it quickly before you run out of fuel and oxygen. And don't forget, you also need to return back to the Eureka!
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Roger: "Djurkwhad is a scaredy-cat! (singsong) Djurkwhad is a scaredy-cat!"

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