YMMV / Space Colony

  • Crazy Awesome: Nailer. He's absolutely batshit insane. He's also hilarious, and is arguably one of the more useful colonists in the game (when he's not getting wasted at the bar or randomly experiencing bouts of mental instability).
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Hosts. Gigantic, floating brains that emerge from monoliths to warp the minds of any nearby human and drive them insane. Not to mention the flying skulls that circle them constantly, screaming, as they float about. They seem more suited for a story by H.P. Lovecraft than any simulation game. And then there's their distorted "greeting" message to the colony...
    "Hello humans. We are the Host you are now our slaves."
  • The Scrappy: Candy, Greg and Babette are all rather disliked by fans. Part of this is gameplay-based, as they require a lot of maintenance while having few useful skills, and part of it is their personalities.