YMMV / South Pacific

  • Covered Up: Captain Sensible's Synth-Pop cover of "Happy Talk" made it to #1 in the UK charts.
  • Ear Worm: "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair"
  • Fair for Its Day: While it's true that Bloody Mary and her daughter are ethnic stereotypes, the fact that neither of them is a Yellow Peril villain makes this progressive for the time it was written. Plus the overall message of racial tolerance, as listed below.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught", though some might consider it a Broken Aesop.
  • Special Effect Failure: The use of blue and violet color filters for scenes set at night only make it more obvious that the cast didn't really perform them at nighttime. It looks especially jarring during "Honey Bun", which uses the color filters for Reaction Shots, but natural colors for the show itself.
    • The red filter during "Bali Hai" makes Bloody Mary look literally drenched in blood. She's supposed to be singing about a mystical paradise, but the bright red is more appropriate for singing about hell!