YMMV / Soundgarden

  • Epic Riff: Many, but some notable examples are: "Jesus Christ Pose", "Holy Water", "4th of July", "Like Suicide", "Beyond the Wheel", "Outshined", "Let Me Drown"...oh, we could go on.
  • Face of the Band: Cornell, and possibly Matt Cameron.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Some of their oldest fans feel that the song the band created for The Avengers (2012), "Live to Rise," sounds too mainstream.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The intro to "Searching With My Good Eye Closed". An overly cheery narrator says seemingly random things with animal noises... and then...
    "This is my good eye! Do you hear a cow? *moooooo* A rooster says: *cuck-oooo* Here is a pig! *pig squeal* The Devil says... *whooshing followed by two horrifying Metal Screams*
    • While nightmare fuel may have been the intent, some see this as pure Narm more than anything else, considering how out of place it is.
  • Signature Song: "Black Hole Sun"
  • So Bad It's Good: "Circle of Power" from Ultramega OK, due to Hiro Yamamoto's hilariously awful singing.