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YMMV / Soultaker

  • Awesome Music: "Happy Today" by The Kevin Danzig Band is actually pretty good.
  • Canon Sue: So, three men (counting the nerdy guy at the dance) essentially vie for the affections of writer/actress Schilling's character, Natalie, who gets lots of nice close-ups, and is the central character upon whom the whole movie hinges, in spite of not being particularly interesting.
    • She's also the rich daughter of the town's mayor, complete with a mansion and butler. So her accident and the subsequent drama about whether or not she should stay on life support make the evening news. How convenient.
      • Amazingly, she doesn't save the day. Her Hot Poor Boyfriend does.
    • Some of the riffing picks up on this, narrating supposed pages from the script of Schilling describing how beautiful her character is for no reason.
    Tom Servo (pretending to read from screenplay in Schilling's voice): Interior: bedroom. Me. Draped across the bed, tousled but tawny. I lay there, hand on my taut tummy. Still pretty, but in a worried kind of way. Zoom in on my prettiness. Closer. Closer on my prettiness.
  • Ending Fatigue: Damn, that hospital climax just does not want to end. It even keeps cutting to a clock after the Celestial Deadline passes. "The clock doesn't figure at all, stop showing the clock! You spent that nickel already!"
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The riffers sure wanted to know more about the bus than the characters.
    • Brad, at least after he becomes a soultaker, becomes more competent, witty and likeable than he was when he was alive. He does more useful things for the protagonists that they do.
  • Fridge Logic: The Soultaker is Immune to Bullets... even though he can be visibly injured.
    • Maybe he can only cause the bullets to go through him when he can see it coming?
      • They said you can't kill a Soultaker. They said nothing about knocking them out.
    • The bigger one is how Zach ends up with Natalie's soul ring in his (living) hand after reviving himself. I believe the MST3K crew said: "whoa movie, huddle-up in the middle here, let's work this out..."
  • Les Yay: "Is there a name for Mom's little sickness?" "Yeah, Lilith Fair-ism."
  • Narm:
    • Done by a camera shot, interestingly. In the scene where Natalie is trapped in the elevator with the Estevez soultaker, the camera slowly rotates whenever she is on-screen. At first the viewer might think they're trying for a Dutch Angle effect, but it keeps turning and turning until eventually she's completely upside-down. It just ends up looking silly.
    • "There is no Stairway to Heaven."
    • The infamous "Mom-peeping-on-Natalie" scene, even if it is the Soultaker in disguise.
  • Squick: The Estevez reaper oogles at the undressed heroine while he's disguised as her mother.
  • The Untwist: Natalie's mom is the Estevez reaper in disguise; the first hint of this is when she can see the characters' 'souls' when no one else can. This trope is largely dependent upon the MST3K treatment because, due to the usual level of quality featured on the show, viewers might have assumed it was just an oversight in the script.