YMMV / Soul Hunter

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Dakki's ploy to steal Jyoka's body and merge with the planet a way for her to achieve the ultimate power or is it a Heroic Sacrifice made for the sake of the world? Was it a combination of the two? Did she act so horribly because she was naturally evil, or because she was following Jyoka's commands to bring down the Yin dynasty so that history conformed to what she wanted?
  • Angst? What Angst?: Taikoubou rarely angsts seriously or for very long. Lampshaded by Ki Hatsu, who resents not being allowed enough time to mourn the passing of his father.
  • Complete Monster: Ryogaku injects the heroes with a virus in order to make them surrender. By their next fight, he has a monster experiment try to kill Nataku's father with his mother inside its belly in order to prevent attacks. The monster is actually his own son, Bagen, who he made into a mindless monster by falsely assuring that Bagen would be made stronger. Ryogaku shows no concern when Bagenís dying.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Chokomei is so over the top, he could not be more noticeable.
    • Judging by the amount of fanart dedicated to her, Kinkouseiba also counts.
    • Ryukitsu Koushu enjoys a great deal of dedication from the fans as well.
    • For a character who only appears in only a few scenes, Kashi continues to appear in fanart, even twenty years after the manga ended.
    • Shuushi has a surprising number of fans as well.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This tied with Dragon Ball was popular for making an alternate portrayal of a pre-existing Chinese mythological figure with their name converted into a Japanese reading from Chinese with the exact same ways of writing it; speed up to two specific characters' debuts in the Warriors Orochi series, and what happens when you hear their names in Japanese?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dakki in the anime crosses it when she turns Zhou into a monster and has him kill the entire population of Yin For the Evulz
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dakki and Kibi making Hakuyūkō into hamburgers (in cooking show format, no less) and then feeding him to his own father. This becomes a plot point when Ki Shou eventually dies of malnourishment after he refuses to eat anything after that incident.
    • Also a shot of her eating the flesh of corpses of the snake pit victims, looking like she was in ecstasy.
    • Dakki's torture devices, such as the Houraku.
    • Although played for comedy, the talking sword can feel pain. Think about it.
    • Bagen the human paopei's appearance will give you nightmares.
    • Zhou's enhanced appearance, unlike the manga where it was a rock gorilla, is a demonic looking monster completely mindless
    • Jyoka has been shaping the world according to her wishes and mercilessly destroying it every time something goes in a slightly different direction. And she has been doing it for millions of years.
  • Tear Jerker- Despite being a light hearted story with plenty of comedy, the entire second half of Houshin Engi fits this trope.
  • What an Idiot: Kishou gives his youngest son Raishinshi to a sennin who shows up from nowhere and of whom he knows nothing about. The aforementioned sennin proves to be an abusive Mad Scientist who puts young Raishinshi through hell and practically imprisons him in the floating sennin world, cutting off any means of escape or contact with his family and ultimately feeds him a fruit which changes his biological makeup, causing him to grow fangs and wings. Raishinshi escapes (turns out that making a kid who hates you more powerful than you is a bad idea), but is so ashamed of his new body that he feels he cannot return home like that.
    • So Go, the real Dakki's father, leaves his rather plain daughter with the "palace beauticians" (Kijin and Kibi in disguise). After the fox sennyo possesses So Dakki's body, the girl becomes completely unrecognizable. So Go marvels at the transformation, but ends up actually believing that a woman who looks and acts absolutely nothing like So Dakki (even her voice is different) is in fact his daughter.
  • Too Cool to Live: Bunchu, Hiko, most of the 12 Elite Sennin, Tsuten Kyoshu, Hakuyuko, Cho Komei, Tenka and Ki Sho, basically anyone who overshadows Taikobou as a hero.

Alternative Title(s): Houshin Engi