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YMMV: Sos Mi Vida
  • Actor Shipping: Some gossip magazines suggested a romance between Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro when the series was produced. Of course, they were just rumors: Natalia Oreiro was happily married to Ricardo Mollo, and stayed that way.
  • Dancing Bear: There where many notable invited guests to the telenovela, such as Ricky Martin (playing himself). There were also scenes filmed in the World Cup in Germany, live inside the stadium.
  • God-Mode Sue: The way Martín Quesada "fixed" many problems just by showing up.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The teen actress Thelma Fardin played the character Laura, sister of José (male). The following year she worked in Patito Feo, and her character was Josefina, shortened as "Jose".
  • I Am Not Spock: Natalia Oreiro has been associated with her role in this series, and attemps to have different ones since then.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?: Some clothings worn by the "Monita" are completely insane, nobody would wear them in the real world. Specially not among poor people (not if she expects to live long)

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