* BestKnownForTheFanservice: The anime in particular doesn't even attempt to hide its flaunting of the Misu sisters and their {{Stripperiffic}} statuses; they're promoted at the forefront for most of the anime's trailers, openings, and endings (they're the only two characters in the TV series' ending song, ''Mask.'')
* DieForOurShip: Poor Enzeru! And poor Chocolat, sometimes.
* FanonDiscontinuity: The 10th anniversary special and the short sequel.
%%* FanPreferredCouple
* HoYay: Gateau's flirtation with Marron, especially in the dub of the anime; also, Marron's brotherly (?) affection for Carrot in the manga. There's also Millefeuille's shameless flirtations with Carrot and Onion.
* LesYay: Tira and Chocolat, in [[NoYay Tira's nightmares]] about their love rivalry in the manga.
* StrangledByTheRedString: [[spoiler: Carrot and Tira's romance in the manga.]]