YMMV: Sonic SatAM

  • Accidental Innuendo: Bunnie's infamous "Nasty as a one-eyed snake, sugah." line.
  • Anvilicious: Averted. The Going Green message is very subtle.
  • Awesome Ego: Sonic.
  • Base Breaker: Much like almost every other interpretation of her, Sally divides the fanbase of the show completely in half. Her upgraded role in the Second Season didn't help much.
  • Broken Base: Was Season Two the show's Growing the Beard with more consistent writing and continuity or Seasonal Rot with Flanderized characters and more formulaic plot lines?
  • Better Than Canon: A lot of fans consider the show's Darker and Edgier elements a lot more successful than Sega's attempts from the late 90's to mid 2000's.
  • Canon Sue/Einstein Sue: A common complaint concerning Sally. She existed largely as The Straight Man to the main character, and to prove how his trademark "like the wind" ethic was in fact reckless and incompetent compared to her more cautious, meticulous approach. The fact she gradually absorbed spotlight and defining talents from other characters (eg. Rotor as The Smart Guy) and thus became the most effective and versatile Freedom Fighter by a noticeable amount didn't really help in this regard. This is less prominent in Season One, where Sally has a more specified role to the team and could sometimes be arrogant and careless.
  • Complete Monster: Big Bad Dr. Robotnik, unlike the version of him you'd see in other Sonic cartoons (or the games themselves), is much less pleasant. He is willing to deprive innocent creatures of their free will to get them to work for him, he is willing to turn formerly beautiful communities into severely polluted wastelands, and he doesn't show any remorse for any of his actions. He turns people into his robotic slaves if they don't obey him; they are quite aware of what's happening to them, and morally object to that which their robot bodies are forcing them to do. There are episodes in which some robots are carrying on secret conversations with their loved ones, from before roboticization, only to double over in apparent pain before proceeding to attack said loved ones because of the control Robotnik has over them. He even turns the ones who do obey him into robotic slaves.
  • Creator's Pet: Both Dulcy and Sally were stated to be favorites of Ben Hurst, main writer for most of the second season. They also have a rather "conflicted" reception with the fanbase to say the least.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The opening theme of course! It's so good people even consider it the definitive Sonic theme!
  • Cult Classic: It only got 26 episodes which made it the shortest of all the finished Sonic cartoons (Even Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog got a good 65), and yet it's one of, if not the best received Sonic cartoon with a huge thriving fan base.
  • Designated Hero: Sonic, though not unpopular in the show per se, gets occasional critism from this. While a fairly effective hero, Sonic is by far the most dysfunctional and arrogant of the Freedom Fighters (Straw Loser Antoine not withstanding), frequently endangering the team due to his cockiness.
  • Designated Villain: What kind of bad things did Naugus actually do? He didn't do anything seriously bad in the series. Sure, he kidnaps Sally and Bunnie so he could lure Sonic into the Void and then tricks him to get him out of the Void, but wouldn't most people do it if they were trapped in a wasteland for years and then saw the opportunity to get out? He did allow Sonic to take them back after he was out of the Void. And the only one whose life he wants to make difficult is Dr. Robotnik, the Big Bad. The only reason we saw him as a villain was because of Word of God. Granted, he was supposed to become the next big bad in season 3 but that idea was screwed.
    • His goal to escape were sympathetic but his methods of escape were somewhat skewed, deceiving the Freedom Fighters by posing as the King, and routinely encasing any one in frozen crystal that becomes a slight annoyance. While just deciding to ditch him and leave him in the Void after explaining his motives may have been a bit callous it may have been slightly justified given he had shown how potentially unstable he was in luring them unwillingly into the Void. As the third season also suggested, his ambitions outside revenge on Robotnik were also yet to be revealed.
      • It is understandable for him to be how he was. He was trapped in the Void for over 10 years, with only King Maximillian in charge. Plus the aforementioned betrayal by Robotnik. After all that time, it's no wonder he's callous.
      • It should be noted that the comics adapted from the series very much avert this. Not only does Naugus fully deserve the title of villain, he is well beyond the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Some of Sonic's bullying towards Antoine can border into this. While it's understandable that someone like Antoine could get on people's nerves, Sonic treatment towards him can be just plain disgusting at times. Sonic sometimes didn't even have a reason to mess with Antoine (or it was for a rather petty reason); he just did it because he felt like it. The show tries to justify it by making Antoine increasingly obnoxious and void of redeeming aspects, but even he struggles to top Sonic's snide arrogance at times.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Bunnie Rabbot, which is why so many fans were understandibly upset when she was Demoted to Extra in Season Two.
    • There's also this show's incarnation of Dr. Robotnik. He only made one more appearance after this show in Sonic Underground (the Archie comics version doesn't really count because of how massively different the characterization was), and yet he's often considered the scariest and best version of the good Dr. His voice actor really helped gain that reputation..
  • Ethnic Scrappy: This is one of the reasons why Antoine gets a lot of hate. The character's entire concept is that he is a French guy who is useless in any action-related situation. He also gets flak for being rude to Sonic, even though Sonic is more or less equally rude to him. Even taking a level in badass in the comics didn't stop some of the hate since many felt it stripped him of any defining characteristics and reduced him to a Generic Guy with a French accent.
  • Fridge Horror: Dulcy's non-sequiturs about her mom become tragic when you learn she's nearly the Last of Her Kind.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The plot of "Sonic Past Cool" has the Freedom Fighters rescue dinosaurs from Robotnik, one of whom makes friends with Tails via a translator. Seventeen years later...
    • "Blast To The Past" two-parter had Sonic teaming up with his younger self at one point. Seems someone on the Sonic Team caught the episode while trying to think of the premise of Sonic Generations.
    • Another Blast To The Past example: The whole concept of the gang using time travel which in later years would surprisingly become somewhat of a staple in the games.
    • Jim Cummings voices a hyena in one episode.
  • Hype Backlash: Many fans of the current game series become irritated by the mentioning of the show, due to many fans' tendency to boast it's story and characters as superior to the SEGA canon. The fact that the show would have been made part of the official canon at one point doesn't help at all.
    • In general some feel that the show has been overhyped and viewed through the Nostalgia Filter. The Annotators has this reaction to the show when they riffed; they felt that while it was a good show, it still had a lot more narrative flaws than fans admit to.
    • Likewise many really disagreed with The Nostalgia Critic review of it as well. Especially fans of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog whom he practically dismisses just based on the art style alone.
  • In Name Only: Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Buzzbombers, Rings, and the basic, general story concept are the only things this series has in common with the games after Sonic 1.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Robotnik shows signs of this, from his manipulation of Sonic's egotism in "Sonic Racer" ("on with the race, and may my best... MACHINE... win.") to his ability (at least in "Sonic and Sally") to out-xanatos most of the freedom fighters...
    Sonic: ... except Tails.
  • My Real Daddy: In the early-to-mid 2000s, when the Sonic franchise began turning out numerous 3D games that were commercially and critically panned, a significant number of older Sonic fans began to feel that the franchise had Jumped the Shark. Amongst SatAM fans, some felt that SatAM's creators, particularly the late Ben Hurst, had handled the story and the characters of the franchise far better than Sonic Team ever did.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    Robotnik: Snively. What color is my heart?
    (Robotnik opens his putrid, rotting mouth wide enough to fit Snively's entire head in for Snively to look down his throat)
    Snively (terrified): I... I don't see a heart, sir.
    Robotnik: Eggs-actly.
    • The entire concept of roboticisation in the show. See "Sonic's Nightmare" for the terrifying details.
    • The robot double from "Sonic and Sally" could very well have been a roboticized Mobian.
    • The glowing red eyes of Naugus against a black background in the finale.
  • The Scrappy: Out of the main cast, Dulcy and Antoine are the least liked characters. Say what you want about Sally, but she still has a good amount of fans. Many felt that Dulcy was a pointless addition to the cast, especially since she appeared out of nowhere in the second season and the writers want you to pretend that she there since the beginning of the show. Also, many found her klutzy behavior to be more annoying than funny. Antoine gets a lot of flak for not really doing anything useful. His cowardly personality tends to annoy viewers more than amuse them, especially since he tend to be a Dirty Coward at times. If he was more of a Lovable Coward like Chuckie from Rugrats he probably would have been more liked. It also doesn't help that he really doesn't have any real redeeming traits (outside of a few Jerk with a Heart of Gold moments). Given that he is the Straw Loser of the group and Sonic doesn't like him, it could be intentional.
  • Seasonal Rot: Zigzagged. Season 2 is commended for its more developed continuity-based plot, but has multiple story criticisms compared to season 1, often concerning both Sonic and Robotnik's increased incompetence, overabundance of cheesy comic relief and the inexplicable introduction of Dulcy The Dragon. Also season 2 was written near entirely by Ben Hurst, making for a more consistent dynamic, albeit to the point of being streamlined greatly, with Hurst's preferred characters and enterpretations taking over (eg. Sally and Antoine were prominent in every episode, and were simplified to their positive and negative traits respectively, while fan favorites such as Rotor and Bunnie were Demoted to Extra).
  • Second Season Downfall: Though this was more due to the simultaneous cancelation of all of ABC's then-current lineup in favor of original programming than the actual quality of the writing.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: There was next to nothing like this show when it came out and it's fondly remembered by many, but as time goes on it's really starting to show it's age. The later success of continuity-heavy and dark kids shows like Beast Wars or Avatar The Last Airbender that went way further with their darkness means that many don't see this show as all that special.
  • Ship Tease: Bunnie pinching Antoine's cheek in "Sonic Racer." Made Hilarious in Hindsight by them becoming an Official Couple (and marrying) in the Archie comic.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The German version of the theme song.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The orchestral background music certainly sounds familiar... This extends even beyond the show's orchestral theme tune, to the point where the entire score is essentially one big riff on Alan Silvestri's style, complete with harmonies and dissonances based on octatonic scale patterns.
    • Robotnik's theme also sounds a little similar to the Scarface (1983) theme.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Sonic lampshades Antoine's obnoxiousness and uselessness quite often.
  • Tear Jerker: Any time Uncle Chuck shows up, expect it to all end in tears.
    • The scene when Sonic is crying after having to leave his uncle behind, especially after seeing him for the first time in years.
    • "Blast To The Past part 2" has several, back to back.
    • Bunnie reverting back to her half-metal body after what turned out to be a temporary de-robotization. She may be Cursed with Awesome, but the palpable pain and sorrow she lets out when she breaks down after changing back, you would have to be completely soulless not to feel.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Bunnie Rabbot made interesting use of the show's robotocization concept and had kickass cyborg powers to boot. However she had a supporting role in the majority of the first season and was Demoted to Extra in the second, arguably getting the least amount of development time out of the rest of the Freedom Fighters (Rotor and Tails were also heavily Out of Focus for most of the show's later run). The comics adapted from the show utilize her a bit more, but still play her as one of the more minor leads.
    • Also Tails, who according to Ben Hurst would have got a lot more screen time in Season 3 if it was finished.
  • Villain Decay: Robotnik debuted as a Dangerously Genre Savvy Evil Overlord with a deathly serious attitude in stark contrast to his Laughably Evil persona in most other enterpretations. In the second season, while still somewhat fearsome, Robotnik gains more buffoonish qualities and also falls for Bond Villain Stupidity on several occasions due to his obsession with destroying Sonic.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: How some respond to this. Cute animal soldiers fighting a war to de-throne a depraved genius who is resposible for genocide of Apocalyptic porportions. And all of the girls have boobs. Kids indeed!
    • And then there's the kiss between Sonic and Sally in "Hooked on Sonics". The second one, not the peck on the cheek with the faux Post-Kiss Catatonia. Ho boy...
  • The Woobie: Most characters had their moments of this. Sonic and Sally sure did, but Bunnie is the biggest contender by a long shot given her back story and more so in the comics.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Antoine is a self centered Dirty Coward, but his constant failed attempts at respect and heroism (and Sonic's relentless jokes at his expense) make you feel some sympathy for him. After all, not everyone can be heroic.
      • Snively for the most part is suggested to be as remorseless and ruthless as Robotnik, still you have to pity the overwhelming amount of abuse he has supposedly suffered from his uncle (who is embarrassed to even acknowledge their relation) for over a decade. The fact the Freedom Fighters often trigger Robotnik's wrath onto him (at one point Sonic seemed to acknowledge and laugh about it) probably gives a valid excuse as to why he isn't sympathetic towards them.