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YMMV: Sonic Riders
  • Broken Base: While the Riders series has gotten scathing reviews from older fans who claim it strays too far from the canon and traditional Sonic titles, there is a large section of the fandom that embraces these games for what they are (fast paced racing titles with little plot), and enjoy them because of that.
    • While the first game got its fair share of people (not) enjoying it, Zero Gravity has been quite a bit more polarizing. Some people commend it for a few key improvements over the first game, most notably the removal of the air system. Others claim it accentuates the problems the original game had, including making controls more messed up on the Wii, and takes away the sense of speed and is less sensical story-wise. There were actually a few people that, at the time, considered it even worse than Sonic '06.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "I'm Still a Believer" (no relation to the song "I'm a Believer").
  • Disappointing Last Level: Astral Babylon from Zero Gravity, the Heroes story side of the Mobius Strip, which you unlock after beating Mobius Strip, can be seen as overall a letdown because it's basically just a rectangle with only a few triggerable ramps and a few areas to use Gravity Control and Gravity Dive in. Even moreso considering you can break the race by using Gravity Control over abysses and win easily.
  • Dork Age: Free Riders is one for the 2010 releases.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Wave, somewhat.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Metropolis Speedway may be a very accurate portrayal of how a city in the future would look like. While transportation would adapt with the times, the general urban structure and architectural style of a major metropolitan area will likely remain largely unchanged, in whatever style was popular when the city had expanded to those areas. This is particularly true in western Europe, where citizens take pride in their old-fashioned appearance. Also note that roads meant for automobiles exist in this city whereas Future City does not, despite them being largely unused. In addition, this city has had to build upwards—one area of the course shows an outdoors shopping district with at least six floors stacked on top of each other, and the city has a dark lower area obscured by the very tall skyscrapers above, much like in Blade Runner and The Fifth Element.
    • For Sonic taking part in the races, you wouldn't run in a sack race; Sonic wouldn't run in a car race. Or in this case, he doesn't run in an Extreme Gear race unless he has to, and then he doesn't move at full speed.
      • Sonic is the kind of guy who likes to have fun and play by the rules. He sees no reason to cheat and use his supernatural abilities.
      • The Extreme Gear have the ability to hover and ride on air currents, which are things Sonic can't do. From that perspective, it's no stranger than the Tornado, for instance.
    • In the opening scene, it appears that Sonic is able to pick up any old gear and become an Instant Expert, able to keep up with Jet. But Sonic doesn't pick up any old gear, he picks up Storm's Babylon Standard Type-S gear, a gear that's been custom built to be incredibly sturdy and stable to handle Storm's bulk and clumsiness when he's in motion. Sonic was able to adapt to it so easily and pull off the maneuvers he does because of how safe and controllable the Type-S was made to be.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Even without wings, I can still fly!"
    • Here I go! Here I go! Here I go!
      • Omochao's voice in the third. It's hard to settle who's more annoying between him/her and Navi.
  • Nausea Fuel: Literally. There have been complaints about Sonic Free Riders' controls causing motion sickness.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Digital Dimension, due to the fact that it has both a hell area and a heaven area, the latter of which is accessed by a glowing portal. The hell area is complete with wailing, a red sky, and skeletal hands. In a mission, Storm even says he's scared of the place.
    • You can destroy traffic in 80s Boulevard with gravity manipulation. If there are any semis in the area, their cabs will instantly explode, driver and all, leaving just an isolated trailer.
  • The Scrappy: Omochao, the announcer for the original game and has returned in Sonic Free Riders. He (or possibly she) is voiced by Laura Bailey in the latter, who arguably makes it even more annoying.

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