YMMV / Sonic Battle

  • Broken Base: The story. Some consider it to be well-written mainly because of the character interactions and Emerl's story arc while some find it to be a waste of time mainly due to the flanderization of some characters as well as the long dialogue in the cutscenes.
  • Character Tiers: Two tiers in particular are such outliers that it basically becomes:
    1. Emerl at the end of the gamenote 
    2. A couple of tiers of everyone else, depending on their healing skill.
    3. Emerl at the beginning of the game.
  • Enjoy the Story, Skip the Game: The gameplay is decent but considered to be too repetitive and nothing spectacular. The game's main draw arguably comes from Emerl and his character arc throughout the game.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Cream's heal restores the Ichikoro Gauge by ridiculous amounts (just as much as Knuckles'). It's not so bad as health goes either, as it exceeds Knuckles' aforementioned heal skill and is on par with most of the better ones.
    • Tails and Rouge's trap specials can track the opponent. When charged to instant kill, they remove an entire plane from where one can safely stand before dying.
      • Tails and Rouge also have midair attacks can loop an airborne opponent while keeping both of them suspended, preventing them from being able to block by touching ground, until the opponent is dead.
    • Emerl himself ends up being absurdly powerful, able to floor any given opponent in a single combo and pursuit attack, granted you have the right set of skills on him that are the best from each character and/or the proper stat boosts.
      • Emerl's Character Combo supers guaranteed to kill the opponent if every hit connects (except Chaos in Story Mode). Worse, they don't count as any particular type of special attack (Shot/Power/Set), meaning that even if your opponent sets their guard to block Power-type attacks (what they're assigned to), they'll still hit. They can also be charged with the Ichikoro meter so only one hit needs to connect. HOWEVER, on the massive flipside, this may leave him vulnerable to Gamma's "Recovery Mode" bullshit since he can't do anything until he finishes, and some Combo skills may finish a Shot/Power move the opponent may have already set to block, so Emerl can easily be left with a nasty surprise if the said auto-block occurs.
      • Emerl can be a game breaker from the beginning. Without any skills. The actual spin dash part of Sonic's Shot skills don't have an actual special attack value assigned to them, so either the actual skill or the failed basic version Emerl starts with (which doesn't include the shot at all) can kill anyone with a charged Ichikoro meter (this even applies to Emerl's basic trap). Similarly, his basic Ground Set can lock an opponent in hitstun if mashed often enough.
    • Between movement capabilities that allow him to run circles around his opponents and powerful attacks that can quickly beat his opponents, Shadow is one of the best of the "regular" characters. This was supposed to be balanced by his weak one-shot damage and poor healing abilities (his Ichikoro charges too slowly compared to averagely healing HP), only Shadow is so fast that he'll almost never be in battle unless he wants to. He also on the upside, has strong defense regarding his strength support skill being the highest in the game, but his moves are strong on their own despite his weak damage to support it (his attack support isn't that high).
    • Via Amy's first attack (the Girl Jab), it can be spammed at a solid beat when you press B well enough. Do it slow enough so you don't finish her jab combo, but fast enough that you can punch again before the opponent's lag is done and they can break free. With this, Amy can frame lock anyone.
    • Cream's Ground Shot launches Cheese forward into the enemy, sending them flying to land on their back. Like certain types of move that also knockdown, however, it's not powerful enough to let enemies catch themselves and leap back, which means they'll always get knocked over and have to get back to their feet. If you can time it right, you can launch Cheese at them just in time to knock them right back down (it helps if they're pinned against a wall). Rinse and repeat until you've knocked them out.
      • Sonic's Ground Shot is somewhat the same, seeing as it can carry them all the way to the end of the screen for extra hits as long as it doesn't hit a wall.
      • Back to Cream however, her midair trap special, Air Cream Cracker is SUPERIOR to its grounded version, and by far is the strongest trap special in the game. Against anyone, two-to-three of these do enough damage for a free K.O. while not even the hidden Trap skills let alone the Ultimate Trap Skill can do anything about it.
  • Hell Is That Noise: Chaos Gamma's death animation. "Initiating Recovery Mode."
  • Iron Woobie: Emerl.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Eggman making Emerl go berserk at the end of the game, after Emerl was nice to him and thanked him for waking him up.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Emerl's stated purpose when he finally obtains all the Emeralds.
  • Paranoia Fuel: When in distress, or receiving an upgrade, Emerl sometimes looks directly at the player, gains a third eye that looks realistic and stares out of the screen, is shaded ominously, and speaks in a strange, stilted voice. Tails Doll's got nothing on this.
  • Player Punch: After spending a huge amount of time learning about Emerl and training him to be an amazing fighter, Sonic has to destroy him.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The ridiculous number of storyline fights that are immediately followed by, essentially, the same fight but with twice the KOs. This may have been an attempt to increase the number of Skill Points available, but if so, there were better options.
  • That One Attack: For many it's Gamma's Recovery Mode. He does spell it out for you, however, and after minimal practice it should be easy to be able to guard it. The high power makes it give you a LOT of meter. Now, when a Guard Robo or Phi has this, you're in real trouble, because they don't go announcing it.
    • Eggman has a similar one, except it comes out immediately when he's K.O.ed; the upside is however is that it doesn't have a big radius around himself and he'll suffer from a bit of knockback at least give you some distance when it happens.
  • That One Boss:
    • Eggman can be one given his missile spam and tendency to explode when knocked out.
    • The fight between Rouge and Team Sonic at the end of the third chapter. Being forced to fight three against one is just torturous unless you stay in the air and pick them off slowly, or if they didn't set their auto-block to your Ground Power move.
    • The Guard Robots as Knuckles. At first it's not bad, with just one. Then you fight two. Then three. No breaks in between. If you're not good with Knuckles, this is a nightmare.
    • Any Phis copying Gamma, especially late-game. If you have any allies you can't afford to have give free K.O.s to them, then for sure you'll be having trouble trying to keep them alive since they'll never move away from his suicidal explosion. Your best hope is usually a CPU-controlled Emerl with the highest defense setting possible if you managed to unlock it (Shadow Style + Shadow Strength Support).
    • Ditto with the Guard robots. Since they don't talk, it's difficult to dodge Gamma's "Recovery" Mode with no audible cue.
    • The fight with Rouge where Emerl has to get 10 KOs without using any special moves. It can be somewhat mitigated with a good setup however.
      • Loophole Abuse: If you have the Character Combos from the final chapter, the game will not count these certain ones as special moves.
    • The Sonic and Shadow fight before the final chapter. Sonic and Shadow, who have huge handicaps to make them competent fighters, against an Emerl player who's still trying to find the perfect moveset to stick with. Not even the unlockable combo attacks will guarantee a kill.
    • The first fight against Knuckles as Emerl can be this. At this point of the game, you'll have very few skill points for Emerl to use many skill cards for attacks. Many of Emerl's attacks will be slow and weak. And depending on how you arranged your skill cards, he won't be able to jump that high, or his movement could be incredibly slow. This definitely makes things a challenge when fighting the powerful and fairly quick Knuckles.