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YMMV: Sonic And Pals
  • Archive Binge - Thousands of pages and growing.
  • Fridge Horror - If you even think about sticking a few select gears from the franchise continuity into the machine behind Sap, you will quickly wish you hadn't. For instance, in Sap's continuity, Amy is paired with Knuckles. There is a very good reason for this.
  • Mary Sue - Selly. She's the one who saves everyone's bacon more times than Sonic - or any other character for that matter - between her entrance and her exit...
    • Rescues Knuckles twice in a row.
    • Saves Horus from Knuckles 'n' Nate.
    • Destroys the giant robot attacking them in Nate's fortress.
    • Destroys the final boss of Sonic 2.
    • Defeats Mephiles.
  • Seasonal Rot - It gets really repetitive later on. They eventually admit that admitting a running joke is a running joke. Which ironically is its own running joke.
  • Special Effects Failure - Some of the original comics suffer from this. It's been fixed in the later ones.

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