YMMV / Something Borrowed

  • Broken Base: Some viewers prefer the movie to the book, finding that a lot of Adaptation Distillation improved it. Others disliked some of the changes, notably making Darcy less sympathetic.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Rachel is in London and Darcy is on the phone with her, ordering her to get back to New York, but when she says, "Right now!" again, Rachel, having had it up to here with Darcy, says, "No!" and hangs up on her. Doubles as a...
  • Crowning Moment of Funny
    • When we get Ethan, Darcy, and Claire's reactions to the above.
    • Also, Rachel and Darcy dancing to "Push It."
  • Fridge Horror: Darcy is able to get out of her relationship with Dex by getting pregnant by Marcus. Although this allows Dex and Rachel to be together guilt-free, you have to consider that Darcy and Marcus-two despicably obnoxious and selfish people- are going to be PARENTS. Somewhat alleviated in Something Blue, when Darcy becomes more sympathetic and grows out of her selfish and obnoxious behavior, Marcus however remains such..
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Ginnifer Goodwin has an affair with a man in a loveless relationship with a blonde? She does the exact same thing in Season 1 of Once Upon a Time.
    • Ginnifer also plays Snow White in OUAT. John Krasinski's wife Emily Blunt would later star in a film causing trouble for Snow White.
    • John Krasinski in an affair is amusing if one watches It's Complicated where he becomes the unwitting Secret Keeper to an affair.
  • Love to Hate: Some found Kate Hudson's performance made Darcy so obnoxious that she's almost endearingly so. The fact that she undergoes character development in Something Blue helps too.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Mary Margaret still hasn't learned her lesson about having affairs with guys in loveless relationships.
  • Tear Jerker: When Darcy finds out about the affair. Rachel's guilt catches up with her and she's clearly devastated by Darcy's reaction. Even if Darcy is by no means completely innocent, she still looks broken hearted as she screams "I hate you" over and over to Rachel.