YMMV / Slowdive

  • Tear Jerker: "Dagger". Oh good lord, "Dagger".
  • Vindicated by History: They got a pretty bad Hatedom among British critics because they had the gall to continue existing after everybody decided that shoegazing was yesterday's news (Melody Maker trashed Just for a Day as "a major fucking letdown" and the reviewer assigned Souvlaki wrote "I would rather drown choking in a bath full of porridge than ever listen to it again"), but their albums are acclaimed nowadays.
  • What an Idiot: SBK Records, in charge of distributing Slowdive's albums in the USA, came up with a promotional campaign for Souvlaki that included vandalising a statue commemorating the end of slavery and predictably getting sued for it. Also, they delayed the release of Souvlaki to the point that when the band supported Catherine Wheel on tour in 1993, the album they were promoting still hadn't come out. And... Let's just say the band got Screwed by the Network to the point that Milla Jovovich's album had better promotion.note 
  • The Woobie: Boy, are they ever! Critics hated them for partially having the gall to continue shoegaze after the era passed and it didn't help bands like Manic Street Preachers berated them for "being worse than Hitler". And that's not even getting into the treatment they got from SBK Records. Fortunately, they are now one of the most critically-acclaimed shoegazing acts.