YMMV / Slime Forest Adventure

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Several of the mnemonics are hilarious. This was obviously done intentionally, as a memory aid.
    • If your Samurai gets wet, hang him out to dry. Thus explaining why the kanji for "samurai" (士), when turned upside down, becomes the kanji for "dry" (干).
    • The following sequence:
      • 車 — "Wheel" or "Wheeled Vehicle" — A drawing of a chariot from above, with a wheel at the top and bottom.
      • 垂 — "Sag" — You put a heavy load (that overlaps the front and back) on your chariot, and it sags under the weight.
      • 乗 — "Ride" — You put too heavy a load on your chariot, broke one of the wheels, and now you need a ride.