YMMV / Sky Blue

  • Complete Monster: Commander Locke is the ruthless head of security of Ecoban, introduced working the Marrians to death in terrible conditions. When a disaster occurs, Locke disengages a part of the rig, killing a large amount of innocent workers. When a foreman tries to stop Locke, Locke executes him on the spot and tells his subordinates that it's fine because the man drew a knife on him first. Locke begins ramping up the oppression, taking his men to kill protesting Marrians and finally initiates Operation Marr to exterminate most of them except those he'll spare to be enslaved to work for Ecoban. When he returns to find the heroine Jay trying to sabotage the city's unfair system, Locke gleefully attempts to shoot through his own second-in-command Cade to kill her, grinning all the while.