YMMV / Sisterhood

  • Les Yay: It's a story involving Lilly and Hanako, what did you expect? After Lilly announces she may be leaving Japan, Hanako starts organizing outings for the two of them in an attempt to show Lilly how much she still has to offer her. Of note is their dinner in a restaurant and Lilly dragging Hanako onto the dance floor to teach her how to dance a slow waltz. Afterwards, Lilly mentions to herself that it's almost as if Hanako has become her girlfriend instead of Hisao's.
    • During the final moment of the story (pre-expansion), when Hanako gets closely in front of Lilly in preparation to let Lilly feel her face, Lilly wonders to herself for a moment if Hanako is perhaps preparing to kiss her.
  • Nausea Fuel: Hanako's insecurities popping up at an inopportune moment causes her first attempt at oral sex to end in this.