YMMV / Single Handed

  • Spoiler for the first episode Home aka Natural Justice: Incest Is Relative: Jack and Saoirse make out, but do not actually have sex. Evidence:
    • Only passionate kissing is shown onscreen.
    • When Jack leaves the next morning, Saoirse is dressed and at the kitchen window. It doesn't make sense that she would leave the bed, get dressed, and then undress and go back to bed.
    • When Jack returns, Saoirse, now undressed and in bed, says, "You asked me to wait. I thought this was what you meant." Followed by "Here I am. You can take me." And at his hesitation, "Would you prefer if I showered or something? Have you got a thing about that? Jack? Is it this house? Do you want to go somewhere else?" This makes much more sense if the relationship hadn't yet been consummated.