!![[ComicBook/SilverSurfer The Marvel Comics series]]:

* CounterpartComparison: Dan Slott's current ''Silver Surfer'' series has Norrin Radd accompanied by a teen-age girl named Dawn Greenwood. Having saved her from alien kidnappers, he is taking her on a tour of the galaxy. Hmm...aloof, wise and powerful alien, showing a young human companion the wonders of the cosmos? [[Series/DoctorWho Where have we seen this before?]]
* MyRealDaddy:
** There are Silver Surfer fans who dislike the Creator/StanLee "[[MessianicArchetype speech-giving Messiah]]" take of the character. These fans instead go for Steve Englehart (who brought political intrigue and romance into the character's life, as well as got him freed from Earth), Jim Starlin (Space Opera storylines with Thanos as Surfer's rival), Ron Marz (action-based stories with Marz fleshing out Surfer's rogue gallery of enemies as well as bringing back all of the former heralds of Galactus to interact with each other), or George Perez (who did a massive arc where Surfer had to travel through an unexplored galaxy after being teleported into the region).
** The circumstances of the Surfer's creation (Creator/JackKirby created him without Stan's input, making Kirby the sole creator of the Surfer by Stan's logic) means that Stan Lee, the writer of the fantastic 18 issue original series that gave the Surfer huge amounts of depth and poignancy, could be seen as the real Daddy for the character despite the fact that he was the first writer to work on the character.
** Art-wise, Creator/{{Moebius}} is sometimes nominated as the greatest artistic talent behind the Surfer.
* SpiritualLicensee: Quite a few people compared Dan Slott's run with ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* TearJerker: [[Creator/JMichaelStraczynski Silver Surfer: Requiem]] and Silver Surfer: Homecoming. Full stop.
* VillainSue: Tyrant. Despite being a short lived character, it seems that Ron Marz and Ron Lim wanted to cram into him every cool and badass thing they could come up with. Tyrant is the first herald of Galactus created billions of years ago, has an edgy and gritty bio-mechanical look, he easily [[TheWorfEffect worfed]] cosmic power houses like Silver Surfer, Gladiator and Beta Ray Bill, fought Thanos to a stand still without major damage and he could only be defeated with the Ultimate Nullifier.
* TheWoobie:
** Midnight Sun, especially when you consider what his life was life BEFORE the Kree got ahold of him.
** Nova(Frankie) counts too, once she realizes that Galactus doesn't care at all about her.

!![[WesternAnimation/SilverSurfer The animated series]]:

* AwesomeMusic: The 1990s opening sequence is awesome enough to contain its own OminousLatinChanting. Hear it for yourself [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84U7Nbg__64 here]], if you can tune out all the swooshing-in-space sounds that are layered on top of it.
* EarWorm: If you ever watched the ''ComicBook/SilverSurfer'' cartoon you'd remember its [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84U7Nbg__64 theme]].
* OneSceneWonder: [[spoiler:Lady Chaos]] gets a few minutes of screen time in the unproduced script for "The End of Eternity: Part Two" and ''holy crap.''

!![[VideoGame/SilverSurfer The NES game]]:

* AwesomeMusic: The soundtrack for this game is surprisingly popular on the internet, particularly [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2PtVflBU44 Reptyl's stage.]] The quality of the music is simply amazing by primitive NES standards.
* BadassDecay: One of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe is now a OneHitPointWonder with a hitbox the size of a van who dies from touching literally ''anything'' that's not a power-up. That fact that the one thing the player will likely see the most is the Silver Surfer [[http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/9/d/f/gfs_39773_3_1.jpg prostrating himself in shame]] every time he dies pretty much says it all. WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd ripped the game makers a new one for turning Silver Surfer into a wimp in their attempt to try to make the game difficult, something Arcadia succeeded too well at.
* CriticalBacklash: Some players point out that several features like [[OneHitPointWonder dying in one hit]] and [[DeadlyWalls dying from touching a wall]] are treated as {{Scrappy Mechanic}}s in this game, [[DoubleStandard yet are generally-acceptable staples in other shoot-em-ups]]. Somewhat justified since the protagonist is famous for being nigh invulnerable in all other media while in this game a wall or a baseball can kill him. Additionally, the big complaint isn't so much the one-hit-death as it is the fact that it's incredibly difficult to dodge anything because the Surfer's hitbox is gigantic.
* DemonicSpiders: ''Every single enemy.''
* MemeticLoser: Silver Surfer himself in this incarnation. See BadassDecay.
* SoOkayItsAverage: It's not a ''horrible'' game, as it is technically sound and controls well, but even if you get used to the difficulty, the game doesn't really stand out among NES shooters.
* TheProblemWithLicensedGames: The NintendoHard difficulty did not help it one bit.