YMMV: Silent Storm

  • Breather Level: S2 "Place Marked on the Map" mission is this if you already know what to expect: a ruined house with no enemies and tons of mines (the mission objective is some piece of data stored in the basement or on one of the upper floors). You just have to reach the building and throw a powerful-enough grenade in the mined room, which blows the floor and most of the remaining walls. Then, search the objective in the basement (jump in the hole) or in the upper levels. It only requires a couple of minutes.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Given the relatively realistic way the game use ballistic physics (pistols and automatic weapons basically having a crappy accuracy when used at medium range), the most practical way to play the game is to equip the whole team with rifles. While everyone can use any gun, skills grant varying degrees of proficiency to a specific weapon class, and the only class having explicit bonus with rifles are the engineer and the sniper.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In S3 third mission, the party only consists in the Player Character and two guests (Sam, who appears at the beginning, and Captain Wallis, whose rescue is the objective of the mission). They normally leave the party at the mission's completion; sometimes, they doesn't at all, which provides two free companions. The problem is, because they are special characters, they don't appear in the companions' files, and thus it is impossible to properly fire them (you can get rid of them by intentionally getting them killed, though).
  • Narm: Most of the voice acting.