YMMV / Sigma Star Saga

  • Game-Breaker - Some gun data combinations are criminally effective, particularly any combo that renders the user completely impervious to damage.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks! - "Over twenty hours of gameplay," as the back of the box brags. A bit long for a shmup, but quite short for an RPG, so it's received a bit of criticism.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer - The game's final Video Game Tool is given to you directly before the events which set the game's climax into sequence. If you want 100% Completion, the fate of the world will have to wait while you backtrack through nearly every stage up until that point.
  • That One Boss - The Ghost of Iot is known for giving many players fits, largely due to a somewhat random attack pattern combined with lots and lots of health.
  • That One Level - The Sand Planet, where one quest requires you to slowly sweep every square inch of sand in one area with your scanner to find fossils. Because of all this walking around (and having the Scanner out stops you from using the Boots to speed it up), there will be lots of Random Encounters. And one random encounter in this zone requires you to shoot down 99 enemies, 3 to 4 times what any other encounter requires. The repetition becomes ridiculous if you can't find that one last fossil.
    • The Forgotten Planet may actually be a better example. A large, sudden Difficulty Spike notwithstanding, the aforementioned Game Breaking Bugs can make playing through this stage a much bigger pain than the Sand Planet ever was. In fact, the GameFAQs board for this game is largely full of threads made by people who wonder if the Forgotten Planet was even playtested.