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YMMV: Siege of Avalon
  • Badass Decay: By the time you get to see your war hero brother in combat, you're stronger than he is.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The music played in the closing video. You only get to hear it after completing the game, and after listening to the same admittedly-not-bad-but-mind-numbingly-repetitive music for the last thirty hours or so, you'll love it even more.
  • Fridge Logic: You can ask an undead skeleton to use the Chalice of Life to purify an area of dark magic. He can't use it, or he'll be destroyed. Lampshade Hanging ensues:
    Bones: It's the Chalice of Life, not the Chalice of Undeath!
  • Goddamn Bats: The insane cave lurkers that wander the tunnels are not very dangerous, but they're in the area you have to pass through quite a few times, and there are dozens of them. The undead skeletons in the crypt are only slightly more dangerous (except for the ones that use magic), but they're far more numerous. Fortunately they stay dead once you kill them.
  • Game Breaker: If you can get your healing rate high enough, you're effectively immune to damage. If you get good enough at magic, you're basically death on wheels. Both are very difficult to do and require you to pass up a chance at having any other skills to speak of, but they will break the game.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The lich, his zombie servant, and his walking skeleton minions. And the zombie's club, which is made out of human bones. The music in the caves and crypt is pretty creepy, too.
  • Squick: You can take a dead ogre's loincloth. The item description even points out how disgusting that is.

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