YMMV / Sidekicks

The Film

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Its very easy to see Barry as being not just a very imaginative teenager who daydreams a lot but as a schizophrenic who has hallucinations.
  • Anti-Climax: Randy was such an unlikable character that you'd hope he'd get some kind of comeuppance. Yet when he and Barry do confront each other in the Karate Tournament their conflict was settled in a brick breaking competition. All that build up to a rather mediocre payoff and whats to stop Randy from picking on Barry after that?
  • Boisterous Weakling: Stone, at least against Chuck Norris.
  • The Cast Showoff: The martial arts skills of Norris and Julia Nickson stand out. Joe Piscopo also takes the time to show off how incredibly ripped he was.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When Chuck Norris kicks the teacher's ass.
    • Barry's weapons demonstration also counts.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: A bunch of them, but one in particular; during one of Barry's daydreams, based on Norris' movie The Hitman, Barry pulls out a small rocket launcher from inside his trenchcoat. Norris has a look on his face like, "WTF?" Barry, for his part, has a shit-eating grin on his.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: According to Chuck Norris, dreams come true if you want them bad enough. They don't come true if you earn them, deserve them or really need them to come true. In this case, Barry dreams of fighting alongside Chuck Norris, and because he wanted it so bad, Chuck Norris just happened to drop by at the karate tournament he was competing in and agreed to help him out.
    • An Alternate Aesop Interpretation is that Barry wanted to be badass more than anything and failed miserably because he just dreamed about. When he stopped daydreaming and became badass through hard work and training— his dreams came true. It's an argument about stopping wishing for things and going out to do them.
      • Mind you, Chuck Norris joining Barry's team is unlikely but not impossible as he was still a major figure in American karate at the time of the film and the villain's attitude clearly bugged the hell out of him.
  • Follow the Leader: A film in the mold of The Karate Kid.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This movie was pretty much Chuck Norris Facts twenty years before Chuck Norris Facts.
    • In Barry's Wild West fantasy in the gym, Chuck portrays a Texas Ranger.
  • Values Dissonance: The fistfight between Barry and Randy in the school gym definitely would result in their suspension nowadays in the post-Columbine school environment.
    • And the zero tolerance on bullying. There is a strong chance Randy would have been expelled for provoking the fight (although some districts punish fighting back just as harshly).
  • Vanity Project: This film could be considered a vanity project, if not necessarily for Chuck Norris, then perhaps for his brother. The film stars Chuck Norris as himself and Johnathan Brandis who plays a kid who is obsessed with him. The film was also directed by Chuck's younger brother, Aaron Norris.

The Webcomic

  • Complete Monster:
    • Metheos, once the hero Dunkelheit, succumbed to greed and lust for power. Using one of the Pranas, the three items that govern superpowers, Metheos stole the body of his partner Guardian and began to recruit budding supervillains to his side by stealing superpowers and distributing them. Not even loyal minions were safe, as Metheos would happily steal from them and "redistribute", leaving loyal followers to die if a more convenient recruit arose. After stealing the body of Guardian's son, Metheos backstabs Guardian's former sidekick Camilla when she tries to protect him and attempts to annihilate multiple helpless sidekicks to force Metheos's own former sidekick to sacrifice his life. Awakening from a four-year coma, Metheos recharges his powers by draining the lives from thousands upon thousands of innocent people and initiates what he terms Project M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E: herding people from a city so he can drain their lives, filling up dozens of enormous mass graves, before having his men slaughter any survivors for laughs. Not satisfied with simply restoring his powers, Metheos intends to reach a level of power greater than any other by draining the life from hundreds of millions of innocent people, consumed with his hunger for power and believing all that exists should bow before him.
    • Iblis is Metheos's most powerful servant, and easily his most evil. Once a sidekick-in-training named Olivia, Iblis was a sadistic person even then. However, when Iblis failed her final exam due to her cruel nature, she quickly became something far worse. Developing a seething hatred towards fellow student Lamia for becoming a sidekick, ignoring the fact that during their training together, Lamia attempted to help her win, Iblis releases the psychopathic Pluton in an attempt to kill as many students as possible, her "best friend" Judy included, to leave her as the sole candidate for sidekick status. Failing at this, Iblis becomes Metheos's second-in-command, and immediately begins murdering innocents by the dozen to test out her new powers and to assist Metheos in his plans to wipe out every superhero in the world. When Metheos is plunged into a coma, Iblis revives him, having happily murdered her own minions and countless more innocents along the way, and has a key role in Project M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E., having supervillains round up thousands of innocents, then sacrifices them all to Metheos to restore his power, after which she and Metheos begin slaughtering millions of people at a time to steal their life force, gleefully having their minions massacre any survivors for fun. While dueling with the hero Limpid, Iblis Mind Rapes Limpid's sidekick before trying to force hundreds of people to kill themselves as distractions, eventually fleeing without a second thought when Metheos is defeated. Though sadistic, egomanical, and power hungry, Iblis' worst quality is no doubt her pettiness, enabling the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of people solely as a revenge scheme on Lamia for completely pathetic reasons.
    • Dr. Max is a sociopathic robotics expert obsessed with creating the ultimate machine. To this end, Max manipulates a powerful businessman, Mr. Ellison, to fund his creations, whom he regularly uses to murder weak superheroes and sidekicks, and brutally murders Ellison in front of the man's daughter when he outlives his usefulness. Using his powerful robots for various purposes, from massacring his entire lab staff, to ordering them to lay waste to a highly-populated city as a test run, Max eventually implants his mind in a robot body, and uses his new strength to sadistically duel with numerous heroes, drawing out their pain for his own entertainment. After trying to murder an innocent woman, Max plans to absorb the comatose superhero Darkslug's cells into his own body, hoping to make himself the most powerful being in existence and finish his research. Though a minor villain when compared to the likes of Metheos or Iblis, Dr. Max stands out as a truly depraved lunatic who is willing to wipe out hundreds of people and kill any of his partners for minor reasons, all to quench his obsession with perfecting his research.
    • The aforementioned Pluton is a psychopathic brute who stands out as a particularly vile Starter Villain. A mass murderer who slaughtered close to 5,000 people in a cheerful rampage, notably strangling a little girl to death after brutally murdering her father, all with a sick grin on his face, Pluton earned his reputation as a Hero Killer when he killed off 4 superheroes and 5 sidekicks sent to detain him. After being freed from his later imprisonment, Pluton carves through everything in his way, including the person who rescued him, and giddily brutalizes a group of sidekicks who attempt to stop him, speaking for the first time solely to reveal how much pleasure he's getting from hurting them. Even when nearly beaten, Pluton tries to sadistically murder a sidekick in front of Darkslug just to torture him. Utterly demented with no reason for his crimes beyond twisted enjoyment, Pluton set the standard for all later villains to measure up to in sheer, unadulterated wickedness.