YMMV / Shutter

  • Moral Event Horizon: It is eventually revealed that, while she was alive, Natre was raped by one of Tun's friends, while his other two friends held her down. Tun then walked in on them, and, instead of rushing to his girlfriend's aid (he was still, presumably, keeping their relationship a secret from his friends), he not only decided to keep the rape a secret, thus protecting his friends, he also took pictures of the restrained and traumatized Natre, so that his friends would be able to use the images as a form of blackmail. Afterwards, when Natre becomes suicidal, he dumps her. Although he clearly regrets the whole incident, some viewers lose all sympathy with Tun at that point. Years later, when Jane finds out the truth, his only defense is that he was "young and stupid". No wonder Natre's pissed.
    • This twist is similar in the American Remake, except it is pretty much clear that Ben planned everything all along, being the one to dope Megumi, and was pretty much there all along during the entire rape. Even after he gotten the pictures he came for, he didn't interfere when his friends proceeded from molestation to rape.
  • Narm: The US remake has the Tun-equivalent Ben get attacked by Natre-equivalent Megumi's long, grotesque, thick tongue at one point. It really doesn't fit in with the rest of the movie at all and is frankly just ridiculous.
  • The Woobie: Natre, big time, after the viewer learns about her past. Tun arguably qualifies, but his past actions may cause a debate about this. Jane also becomes one at the end: not only does she discover that the man she loves betrayed his former lover in a horrifying way, she is absolutely crushed by the fact that, by the end of the movie, he is severely injured, catatonic and quite possibly brain damaged.