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YMMV: Shut Up Cartoons
  • Designated Hero: Derf of "Snowjacked". He frequently kills innocent people (and non-people), and is overall a very unpleasant person.
    • Same for Jimmy in Do's and Don'ts
    • As of Episode #5, Oishi is this, after she orchestrates the murder of her teacher out of jealousy.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Oishi High School Battle seems to be very popular (partially due to the title character's talent).
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: "Do's and Don'ts" pretty much lives off of deliberate examples of this.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The siren-esuqe sound the purple goblin head makes in "Munroe".
  • Ho Yay: Fuzzy and the president, one sided on Fuzzy's part.
    • Les Yay side of this has a one sided (at the moment) with Debs towards Pubertina
  • Moral Event Horizon: Jimmy eating Susie in Deserted Island, to the point where The Narrator (normally the cause of the chaos through his tips) refuses to let him live it down for the rest of the episode. Lucky for Susie, the series has Negative Continuity.
    • He also decides to sacrifice the dog in order to summon a demonic entity which destroys the Earth just because he didn't like it.
    • Black Hole trying to kill Baby Earth by pulling him into his atom ripping void, which sounds bad enough till you realize Earth is portrayed as a toddler and the Black Hole situation has strong pedophile undertones and the fact that he tries to kill an infant is downright sick.
  • Most Annoying Sound: This video, which has Pubertina crying and talking between sobs on an overly long 12 minute loop.
    • In the video above she's a wangst too considering the reception.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Purple Goblin Head in "Munroe" episode 5.
  • Narm: Pubertina Episode 16 with some memetic faces during the dress up scene
  • The Scrappy: "Pubertina" was easily the most disliked cartoon in the initial lineup, to the point where it was the only show at the time to have ratings disabled due to the episodes being the only videos on any Smosh channel where the dislikes outnumber likes.
    • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Recently, however, it seems to have found its audience, and reception to the Season 2 episodes seems to be a lot better.
    • The more recent cartoon, "Really Freaking Embarrassing," is also met with hatred. Possibly even more so than Pubertina.
    • "Icons of Teen having the same effect as the above, with more people disliking than liking it.
  • Squick: The tampon song from episode #3 of Pubertina.
    • Pubertina's reaction to seeing a picture of what is presumed to be a penis in episode #4.
      • People's reaction to Pubertina as a whole.
    • Really Freaking Embarrassing is made of this.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Pubertina's grossed out reaction to an apparently obscene picture she saw is reasonable enough, but then the cartoonist saw fit to extend the ending when she sneaks onto the PC to gawk at it again with lust in her eyes. Keep in mind that Pubertina just hit puberty.

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